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Happy Hi from GenDev

Hey there, I'm Hcktrox, a.k.a. FireRat, and I'm a hobbyist videogame developer... on Sega Genesis! (and its addons)

I'm 21 years old, but admittely I have a much lower "emotional age", and although I try my best to act like "I should" at my physical age, and spent through a not too unusual kind of life, Depending the Ocassion I couldn't avoid acting like a 13 years old, or simply spend a better time with they than other adults my age.
Some friends and I are currently writing a cross-platform game engine, where I mostly focus on the 68k side of code with some mutual help from another friend, while the other guys focus on Z80 and Sh2.
Speaking from mine part, (mostly) outside internal libraries, my coding is somewhat messy or logicless, in the eyes of an external logician programmer (unless they took some more time ;D, to not question every single step I do Before getting to my 100%). Things such as screens, in-game objects and its movements or general VFX would be well grouped within the tree, but I care the most on the final visual look than how it internally works, therefore my visual programming may end up somewhat bloaty, as I spent trying to achieve an animation that plays as perfect and fluid as possible, but obviously, taking care not to cross any self-imposed boundaries (such as CPU/ROM/RAM limits for this one specific feature, which should have already been previously determined).
Welp, although I lost so many years of my life not learning how to draw, I actually believe I'm more of a visual artist than programmer. To put a simple example, I'd rather write a very complex demo or image conversion tool than, say, write a very complex system for high-traffic website or
compression algorithm. Because, and hoping to not look selfish, even though the latter option seem more "useful" for me and other programmers, it's My personal goal to give some kind of.. "special" good time to a bunch of people, through any audiovisual means. As such, being a game programmer serves as a possible mean, but the code alone doesn't make the game; I'm freeing and rediscovering my repressed creative side, especially on the visual, and I believe I'm actually made for this instead.

Being involved with old games and systems... I don't do this for nostalgia, but rather because I prefer it over the modern stuff. It's just that I prefer the classic game style a lot more, where it's not the (sometimes unfinished) story or flat violence what matter more than the gameplay itself. Not to mention how much of a challenge is it to create something in an acceptable & modern audiovisual presentation, in a 16-bit console, combining the best from each era. Every step feels like a success.
No matter if through messy means, when something is done, it has to be done right IMO. Old games and general software actually put a lot more attention to detail than nowadays.

Thank you for reading this terrible text wall, have a good time, and remember, widescreen sucks

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