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Problems with some games

I'm new to WinUAE, and I'm having some issues with games like Alien Breed and Dune. Alien Breed displays an error message when I load up the 3 disks, and Dune seems glitched. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.
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Could you give a bit more info on the problems
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Toni Wilen
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Can't really help more than: wrong config (always use quickstart most compatible first when testing a500 games), bad game images, inserting disk in external drives and game not support it. (what error exactly?)
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Ok, so, from A500 from A600, the game starts up normally, but when selected to start the game, it just stays an looping sound, blacks out and it never starts up. From A1000 and up it just displays "Software Failure Press left mouse button to continue Error: (varies) Task: (varies)". I tried a lot of different Adfs and it's just the same thing. I fixed Dune. Thanks...
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Quick post, for "Alien Breed" use these settings / files:

... A500
... OCS or ECS (Cycle-exact)
... 512KB Chip and 512KB Slow RAM
... KS 1.3

... Alien Breed v1.3 (1991-10-14)(Team 17)(Disk 1 of 3)(Story Disk)[a].adf
... Alien Breed v1.3 (1991-10-14)(Team 17)(Disk 2 of 3)(Game Disk 1)[cr SR][t +11 Supplex][bootable].adf
... Alien Breed v1.3 (1991-10-14)(Team 17)(Disk 3 of 3)(Game Disk 2)[a].adf

The game only supports one disk drive so...
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Alien Breed may crash after intro, try to boot from second disk from suggested disk.
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Alien Breed may crash after intro, try to boot from second disk from suggested disk.
Did you actually try before writing your post s2325?

...not here it doesn't, after watching the intro you are presented with a clear message

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There are games which have problem or even crash if you have additional drive or memory expansion. There are also games/demos which work only with specific kickstart (for example only KS 1.2). Simple, try with quickstart.

Some games even they have many disks use only DF0: and some will support multiple disk drives but save disk can be only used in DF0: ("Elvira"). Also I suggest to don't use original disks for saving. For some games you'll need custom ADF format for saving (It creates 2MB ADF because it stores raw floppy data and I suggest only if you really need it).

If somewhere for game says that it needs specific CPU or AGA machine or additional memory, follow that, of course. On some sites like lemonamiga it will be at least some requirements. If it says OCS/ECS use quickstart for A500 OCS or ECS 512 KB Chip memory and with or without 512 KB "Slow" memory.
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