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Recursive Directory Listing

I want to use Amiga DOS to give me a recursive directory listing and save it to a text file. However, I only want the first level of sub-directories. I have tried this:

DIR ALL > RAM:dir.txt

This gives me WAY too much info (217 pages worth!). The DIR command doesn't seem to be able to do what I need. I'd settle for ALL sub-directories, even very deep, but I DO NOT WANT any file listings.

Any suggestions?

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dir >ram:dir.txt opt ad
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You want all the top level folders and their first subfolders only? Doesn't seem to be a "maxlevel" or similar directive to stop at a certain recursion level.

Just add DIRS, ie. DIR ALL DIRS > RAM:dir.txt

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The LIST command gave me an idea. These two lines will go one level deep. Not pretty but it works. Combine into a script or type individually in CLI. The whitespace between %S%S and (dir) will need do be removed to work in 1.3 or less

list >ram:x dirs nohead lformat "echo %S%S (dir)*N dir opt d %S"
execute ram:x
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Thanks, guys! I used Photon's suggestion of:

DIR ALL DIRS > RAM:dir.txt

This brought the page-count down to a much-more manageable 28 pages. I'll still need to edit the document (I'd hoped to avoid that), but it should only take about half an hours instead of hours!



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