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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
That's a totally pointless debate. Use whatever works for you.
Yes ... with a few caveats.

* What works when writing code is different than what works for reading code.
Oftentimes, shortcuts used to make code simpler to write go against readability and hinder maintainability in the long run.
I have suffered enough cases of "what the kitten is this code I wrote six months ago attempting to achieve?" that I have long made sure to make my code readable by future me rather than just writable by current me.
Coding is a never ending task, there are always enhancements to add or bugs to fix and being able to dive back into old code instantly is definitely a plus in these cases.

* Sharing code requires it to be readable with minimal effort.
When working as a team or simply when exchanging snippets of code, readability does help. Sure, one can adapt to others's writing style but if that happens frequently enough, the friction this creates becomes a pain. Making sure your way of writing code is readable by most people does help.

This said, having a style guide (code formatting, naming, etc.) is very different from a coding style (avoid globals like the plague, use functions not macros, optimize only after profiling and after features are implemented, decouple functionality, use DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) for data, etc.).

And the former is much less important than the latter: not point in having a well formatted code base if the code is overly complicated, inefficient and slow.
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