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I didn't realise you were using the floppy disk version... I've only tried the CD version
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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
I was planning to do that after I'd finished digging up as many versions as I could. FWIW, I've just upped another 4 versions of ScummVM by NovaCoder to my personal folder on the FTP server......which so far brings the grand total to 20.

The thing is, NovaCoder upped a huge number of public versions across AGA, ECS and RTG (for different CPUs) to Aminet during development between 2010 and 2015. Some only lasted a few days on Aminet before they were replaced by the next update, so it would be surprisingly awesome if he kept every single one of them.
Very nice work and well organised. Love ya work Prof.Bong!!!
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SCUMMVM 1.4.1 RTG is in TheZone
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Lands of Lore running on A1200 / ACA 1233 (04:13)
[ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by AMike View Post
SCUMMVM 1.4.1 RTG is in TheZone
Thanks mate! Another version now upped to my personal folder on the FTP server for peeps to try......
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Originally Posted by ExiE View Post
I can only guess but I think it is quite obvious
  • the game took over 11 MB (8× 1,44" floppy disks)
  • require hard drive
  • require 386/16 Mhz
  • released January 1993

A1200 was released only 3 months before so the market was very small at the the time of release. No HD floppy, no hard drive, way too slow. Nobody would bother...
In fact the game was planned for the ECS Amiga, not the AGA ones.

If you can read french, they are speaking of the Amiga version of the game there (PP98 to 103) saying that this will be "maybe" their last Amiga game produced in house (but also that "maybe" Virgin UK will convert their games for the Amiga next, which was the case for The Lion King) :
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OCS rocks!

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From what I have seen of the game, I'd think that a 1200 plus hard disk could handle this.

Why do you guys think this would need fast RAM to be achievable?
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I still remember those LOL Ads in Amiga magazine, it would be cool to get a port.
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