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Hide phantom floppy drives?

I recently used WinUAE to throw ClassicWB Lite onto a CF card and installed it into my real A1200. It works perfectly with one minor exception. DF1:???? DF2:???? and DF3:???? show up on the desktop.

These drives don't actually exist on my A1200. Is there a way in WB3.1 to get rid of those or hide them? I tried 'assign DF3: unmount' and it did nothing. I don't see this in any screen shots from other people using ClassicWB. So, any advice would be fantastic. Thank you.
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If you are showing phantom drives, it means you have a hardware issue, the floppy line isn't being terminated.

Did you recap your machine? It could also be CIA failure.
Do you have a DF0 connected? Is it a real floppy drive or a Gotek?
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Move the DF1, DF2 and DF3 icons from wherever they are (Devs: maybe Devs: Datatypes of Devs: DosDrivers) to a storage folder and reboot.

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The problem here is, that something is keeping the ready line active, and trackdisk.device thinks each drive gets probed successfully. Try booting up with your internal drive disconnected, do you still get them all visible? It will take a long time to boot without the internal drive, just wait patiently.
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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
Move the DF1, DF2 and DF3 icons from wherever they are (Devs: maybe Devs: Datatypes of Devs: DosDrivers) to a storage folder and reboot.
DF1: to DF3: drivers are in ROM, and are activated on boot when external drives are detected, so there's nothing to move to storage. The issue is the false detection of these drives.
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Okay, so in my case a new floppy drive I had purchased was the problem. I replaced the drive and immediately the phantom drives no longer appear. Sorry. I should have tried that before bothering folks.
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Originally Posted by smokewater View Post
I tried 'assign DF3: unmount' and it did nothing.
And for future reference, there isn't an "unmount" option in the Assign command, but this instead: Assign DF3: DISMOUNT
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