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New Amiga 600 mechanical keyboard - PCBs arrived!

Here she is: https://imgur.com/JZE8Wng

The substrate is a very solid 3.2mm, the switches fitted are Gateron brown.

Unfortunately the A600 is fitted with KS 2.0 while all I have for WB is 3.1.4, so nothing boots and so far the only keyboard functions I can test are caps lock and ctrl-A-A - but at least those two work.

To get diagrom onto one of my F2R16 modules I am going to have to install the ROM burner software, and that means I have to install Windows first

Hearty thanks to ExtremeWays, who lent me the A600 to make this project happen!

Some boards will be available for sale (4 at this point) and the PCB design will be available for download when I know for sure that it works (same as my A1200 project). More news as it happens...
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If you have a possibility to write adf to disk here are some keyboard test tools http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=86656

My favourite is keirf's system test. To my own surprise I don't find an adf in the net for the moment, so I've created an adf from floppy disk and upped it to the zone.

Nice project! (Just bought and replaced a A600 membrane)

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Are you selling these?
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Old 03 December 2019, 06:05   #4
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Not yet - once everything is verified to work I will make a proper post with a fixed price and keep records of each individual one for sale - same as http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=97394 - OK? I checked with DamienD last time.
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Great work. All we need now is the A1200.net guys to make some new A600 cases.
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Old 04 December 2019, 03:37   #6
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Nice work aeberbach! That's looking dead set awesome.
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Old 06 December 2019, 09:28   #7
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This is an in-progress shot. All keys working as they should - check. Mounting in the A600 - finished. Now I am making custom keycaps using a laser engraver after dipping the blank keycaps in photocopier toner. It makes a great permanent key but it a little darker than the labeled keys I bought.
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Old 13 December 2019, 17:17   #8
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Old 14 December 2019, 04:29   #9
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And it's finished

The A600 is a tight fit! There is really no extra space where the keyboard goes at all. My first mount solution was great until I tried putting the top back on the case but it would not close. What I have now fits neatly into the top case clips that held the original keyboard.

The layout is the same as the original BUT it uses a 7U space bar instead of an 8U. I only know one place that sells 8U/9U. It feels like a smarter choice to use 7U - anyway you be the judge. I made a little unit that supplies both blanking 1/2U blocks either side of the space bar and handles the stabiliser, 3D printed.

Buttoned up and ready:

Spacebar 3D printed stabiliser assembly:

Spacebar unit in place:

I have 5 PCBs total. There will be another thread about buying one, it's not going to be expensive, I may ask for pre-orders and get more PCBs made and supply the 3D printed pieces, ribbon cables and connectors to make it all work - but I will not supply keycaps. You can see my laser-toner-engraved keys are OK but not perfect and it is just too time consuming to do more than once. When I've checked with mods about what I can post that thread will appear but I don't think it breaks any rules if you want to just put "interested" here or PM the same. NOT as holding a place or reserving or committing to anything, just encouraging me to get into gear.
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Old 14 December 2019, 20:55   #10
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I'm interested, but depends on price and shipping costs.
Also, what kind of ribbon cable you are using?
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Old 15 December 2019, 00:32   #11
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The cables aren’t available as 30 (A600) or 31 (A1200) cables any more - but these are 32-way and the correct pitch. The way I do it is to use a 32-way socket on the keyboard and then trim unused lines at the Amiga end so that it can only be inserted the correct way.
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Yeah, i'd be interested in one too
These look so much more robust that the original keyboard
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