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[Found: HydroZone] Trying to find a game

It had two alternating gametypes.

In the first you fly through black space. There were red rectangles that you needed to guide your ship through. If you missed too many of them you were destroyed.

The second gametype was a long straight underground corridor where these blocks of different colors moved to block your way, and you had to start over if you crashed into them.

I don't remember for sure but you might also have been able to speed up or slow down (sort of like in Trailblazer).

Every time that the gametype changed it became slightly harder, with closer rectangles and faster blocks.

It had a kickass soundtrack.

For the life of me I can't remember what the name was.
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I think I remember it... from a coverdisk (possibly Amiga Power)...
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Graham Humphrey
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Hydrozone, probably?
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That does look like it. Not exactly as I remembered, but what ever is? =)

Google says it was on the cover of Amiga Action #63. I think I had that one, so probably where I remember it from.

Thanks so much. I really didn't expect you to identify it this fast.

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