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RGB to S-Video / Composite Adaptor

Hello all,
It seems I'm never around these days...
...wait a minute, I really am never around these days! Where did all the time go?

Anyway, a little something that may be of use for connecting all sorts of retro computers to modern equipment.

-Prototype Board-

No image? My server's probably down

The input & output headers above are cut-down IC sockets. A bit of a bodge, I know, but useful for testing. Directly soldering in or proper sockets would be much better.
This board should work with anything that can provide the required signals (R+G+B+Sync+Gnd+5v) and can be configured for PAL or NTSC. S-Video (or composite) may not be as good as RGB but it isn't at all bad and may be the best option for some.
Yes, it's been done before (more than once on this forum) but I was rather pleased with my take on this idea so thought I'd share.

Here's a few example photos, taken with a rubbish camera. Some day I may find where my daughter's hidden the decent one...

-CPC 6128 Sitting on unusual plinth-

How many retro-boxes can you spot?

-Close-up of CPC screen-

Not bad, eh?

-Chukie Egg Pro Edition on BBC Master-

Blurring is the camera not the display

Should anyone wish to make one the latest version of the PCB layout can be found among the project pages of the Qube web-site along with more detail.
(see link in sig)

I hope this proves useful to someone...

Yes the above systems are 8-bitters - this board should work with anything that will give the required signals - including, of course, the Amiga.

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Awesome stuff Charlie!!

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Praise indeed - thanks Zetr0.
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Awesome! Now make it output in 31khz!
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