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problems getting the FD working

on my amiga 3000

I've got to access my discs for a CNC machine I'm using, and the drive will NOT function.
I've installed chinon FZ357 with the pads soldered, no go.
I pulled some drives from my a2000 sorta worked... but no go.
are there any diagnostics I can do to fix the drive? motherboard problems?
I get the df0?? icon, I select it, and format it... sometimes it formats all 79, sometimes not.
but even when it does, I get disk errors etc. I'm beginning to suspect the main board itself. there is corrosion around the ANCIENT battery... could that be causing DF0 errors?

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sorry, it's an amiga 3000 I'm having issues with.

I have two to try to get working. neither one will work. I cannot access the diskettes.
I pulled the battery off the tray, reseated all the chips, cleaned the corrosion off the board, and reseated everything.
HD boots WB2.0 I get to the workbench, but I cannot access the disks. they will mount to the wb, they will open sometimes, sometimes not.
I've tried new disks, no go. new drives no go... is there a specific chip on the board I should focus on? where is the FD controller? what makes this machine work?
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The floppy drive controller is on the Paula chip (which also handles audio and serial port). On the A3000 the battery is right next to the Paula, I think, so the leakage might well cause issues with the floppy drive. Perhaps there is already some damage that requires more than just cleaning up?

If you just need to access these particular floppies, it may be easier to just use another Amiga. Did you say you also have an A2000?
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yes, but it will not boot at all... SERIOUS battery leakage on that one...

I'll pull paula and clean each pin... hopefully it'll work.
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no change with paula clean. there was no corrosion on it either.
there was a little on the resistors nearby, I cleaned and resoldered the pins... no change.
I also pulled denise because it was closest to the battery, but no corrosion on it either...

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