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A1200 won't boot


So I dug out my A1200, it won't boot

The power light comes on, the disk drive clicks, once, the keyboard caps lock key does NOT light up once, and the picture is scrambled....lots of different colours flashing. Anyone know what it could be?

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Mine did the same. The motherboard was dead, I still don't know the cause. All the things I was told to check are covered in the following:

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Probably in the other thread but first try another PSU, if no luck it's probably a capacitor issue.

All the best.

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Hmmm not the PSU....dammit....it is in mint condition (other than it doesnt work now!) anyone got a spare motherboard they wanna sell me?
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I assume that you mean "mint condition" as in spot-on voltage lines, if not, then you should measure the output lines under load to see if the PSU is really delivering the voltages needed.
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nahh, i meant the case, keyboard etc is in mint condition...I have no way of testing the voltages....do you think it's worth buying another psu?

does the fact that the keyboard caps light doesnt come on when powering up mean that it could be the keyboard at fault here?

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Did u try holding down both mouse buttons when you power up then pressing spacebar to switch display modes? Probably not much use but worth a shot.

Also if your hooking it up to a tv through the RF connector, try checking the little switch next to the RF port.
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