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Amiga Forever Capture gameplay

Had all sorts of problems getting ADFs to work in WINUAE, installed AF and everything loads fine without issue, however... I need to capture game play footage from it for the AMIGArama podcast but I can't get OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to work on it. Can see the program screen but the contents are grey, AF doesn't appear to have a record option.

Can anyone help?
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Managed to get it recording a full screen capture rather than the program. Sorted!
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Even though your problem is solved, I wasted a couple of hours of my time yesterday on this issue and thought I'd just let others know.

I wasn't able to get a full screen capture or anything else. When it was working, it was capturing a still only (may have only been that way in the preview display in OBS).

My system that switches between integrated and NVidia graphics cards depending on software. I tried the NVidia control panel to default Amiga Forever and OBS to different video cards to no avail. I even tried older versions of OBS that were no better. I then changed the default video card for WinUAE inside the Amiga Forever directory to boot up under NVidia and finally got fullscreen capture to work. (In NVidia control panel, adding WinUAE shows two versions of WinUAE, I believe for 32 bit and 64 bit, without saying which is which so I just set both.)

So that's the trick, I think. WinUAE needs to be booting up in NVidia (set through the Control Panel). Now that I've said it, I will find out it works without NVidia and some other random thing got it to work, but at the moment that's what seemed to work. (I am running the 64 bit versions of all the programs.)

Even though WinUAE may have its own built in capture, I prefer not messing with configs through it every time I want to play a game. I looked into command line options to trigger an AVI capture but Amiga Forever's checkbox next to command line doesn't work and I'm not sure I had the command lines control for it anyway.

(OBS is also not capturing desktop for me, but that's another matter and I can live without it for now.)
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On another PC I have recorded some WinUAE gameplay with OBS without issue.
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will put here how I set it up. Maybe it can help others as well.

On the Netbook, I mostly use 'GIFcam' and today I gave a try to 'HyperCam' as OBS does not want to run on the Netbook (embedded gfx card too weak).
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I dont recall having an issue with OBS and using GAME capture. :/

have always used AF8 in full screen 4:3, on a 16:9 capture.

Like this:
[ Show youtube player ]

Ah no wait. JUst checked my settings. What I did was simply DISABLE "hardware fullscreen" in AF options, im pretty sure.
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