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Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
Unfortunately we can’t give you a definite answer to any of these questions. Things change and we obviously can’t predict the future, but I can let you know our current intentions.

Completion date: This is the hardest one to answer. There will be some significant new functionality made public soon, from this you will be able to judge the progress we have recently made. Having said that, as time goes on and the engine and tooling are almost completed, the velocity of progress will likely increase.

Release format and price: We hope to have a high quality physical release as well as a digital option. Pricing is yet to be determined, but my hope would be that we can provide a great value release.

Demo: I think the last time we discussed a playable demo, the thinking was that it would be more than one level (possibly up to 2.5 levels?), but we have not arrived at an absolute final decision on that.

If you’re primarily interested in the visuals I would say you should check out the BitBeamCannon Patreon as from what I understand it has lots of behind the scenes info (sometimes Patreons find out stuff before I do!), but I can’t say for sure how much stuff is on there as I’m not a Patreon myself and Mike doesn’t post here.

Sorry for the “non answers”, but we really are just focusing on development at the moment. Lots of this stuff we haven’t discussed lately.

Thank you for answering the questions I will follow progress and when a demo is released happily contribute monthly to help towards the finalisation of the project
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Yes, in BitBeam patreon programme there is a lot of background info.
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A new video with tasty updates on Metro Siege and DaemonClaw!

[ Show youtube player ]
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both looking great!
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I like that they are improving diversity between enemy characters.

This is totally Captain Commando arcade quality brawler, and even these electro shocks reminds me of it.
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The development goes on, and it seems better and better!

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A new public update video for Metro Siege & DaemonClaw !

[ Show youtube player ]
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Looking good
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Looks really great. But damn, I see Alpine9K working his ass off to get each of these levels working the way they do, lol.
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Really impressive! And all that on a simple A500. I love it.
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