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Originally Posted by mkstr View Post
I forgot about halt triggering the menu, but the memtest did pass before that happened indicating that the SRAM is being programmed properly. It kind of looks like a timing issue with this particular machine (between the SRAM and the motherboard), but it seems to work in the vast majority of machines so I'm not sure what could be different here.

How does the diagrom image behave?


Seemed to work fine, although it does sometimes report RAM errors, but the RAM tests in AmigaTestKit always come back clean.

I just got my KS 1.3/3.1 switcher rom today. Popped it in, both 1.3 and 3.1 booted right up perfectly and ran just fine. It's gotta be something funky between the Romulator and the board, but if the board is working fine with physical chips, I have a hard time pointing to it being the culprit in the equation...
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