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Amiga 500 and gvp 500 hd advise..

Hi everyone!

I got some questions regarding my amiga 500 and gvp 500hd, iam thinking about modding a pc atx powersupply and use one molex connector for the a500+ the bluewire -12v and another molex to din connector for the gvp unit will this work are is it a bad idea? Ive googled around alot and found ians nice tutorial about converting a pc atx for the amiga ive also found serveal of threads about converting a pc atx for the gvp but nothing about using the same psu for both?

The gvp seems to have to ground one earth and one singnal, i beat on that i should connect the singnal ground the pc atx and ignore the earth ground, correct?

All input is welcome! Thanks!

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No one got a clue?

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I modded another type of side expansion hard drive to take a standard 4 pin connector - like the one that plugs into a standard hard drive. I can't remember the type of hard drive controller it is, but there were jumpers that could be set so that it would take power from an external source not from the A500 expansion port. I am not sure of the GVP controller though.
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Thanks for your answer, the gvp inlagt series 500hd allready has its own psu and the amiga 500 has its own psu, i have the appropiative connectors to connect both to the same pc atx powersupply, i just wonder if there is any danger involved connecting both to the same atx psu, they Will share the same ground for example, but i just give it a go i guess :-D
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The Amiga and the GVP will share a common ground through the expansion port. I tried to get an A590 and an Amiga to power together but I couldn't do it at the time, I never bothered to really investigate why, possibly because the A590 holds the Amiga in reset until the drive spins up and that may have been too little power drawn on the PSU for it to start properly as either did start by themselves.
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There are two jumpers inside the GVP HD8+ which can be changed so the drive get's it's power from the A500+

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