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I feel old now too. :-o
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
I feel old now too. :-o
Well, you are...
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Times change. When you're 40 today you're practically still a teenager.
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Originally Posted by AmigaBoy View Post
Poor Marz was never given the time of day because he was younger than everyone else, asked a lot of questions, and liked rap/hip-hop. I'm glad he's still around, even though he doesn't post much anymore.

Codetapper also logs in but hasn't posted in a while, which is a shame because he was always an asset to the community, and a great dude too.

I request... nay, I DEMAND all old timers return.

┬žane needs to return pronto! Seriously, right now. Tell your family you have to go out for a pack of cigarettes, and then login. DO IT. (return with a pack of cigarettes though. don't leave them).

Twistin'Ghost needs to come back so I can buy a London USA CD from him. I lost the MP3's he uploaded way back when but the music has always stuck with me.

And everyone else. Fred, andreas, killergorilla, Big-Byte, blackcornflake, 7-Zark-7, etc.

What happened to |cy[ool? His account says he's banned. HE NEEDS TO RETURN TOO!

AmigaBoy!! Wow,longtime no see!
Few ups,more recent times been a bit meh,but still alive mate!
Saw a random post about EAB on socials & made me think of you, Twistin, Fred,Andreas, CodyJarret,Codetapper,Galahad,Ian,& more of the legends you & others have posted here! Don't think we're getting old are we? Surely we just need a recount on our Birthdays!
Mostly a dirty playstation console gamer these days (apart from what emulators can run on my old pc),apart from most Sony AAA,mostly veer towards the indies,hate the live/online mtx claptrap for the most part!
Glad my login still works!
+1 for the old faves!
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