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Originally Posted by robinsonb5
* Establishing a way of sharing memory between the two CPUs
As far as I was exploring Zynq I see memory controller being in hard processor subsystem domain, FPGA part with 68k softcore can access it through AXI bus iirc. In that aspect both ARM and 68k would be sharing the same memory controller and DMA engine. That's how it is made hardware-wise, software is a bit of the problem, along with the next two points you've made.
Nonetheless there are numerous projects now which involve putting an ARM inside an Amiga in one way, shape or form - since they're there anyway, it would be interesting to find a way to use them.
Warp H7 microcontroller isn't going to be user-programmable from OS. That's one out.
ZZ9000 has SDK available although - since it's ZII/ZIII the number of users won't be high. Plus - Z II needs workarounds to get it working good.
Buffee - although CPU core is quite fast it's also pretty old tech. And even if there was feature of running native code on it that'd only mean 68k concurrent execution would be slowed down. I don't think that's desirable outcome.
PiStorm - here we go with interesting part. PiStorm is basically a way to emulate things on RPi and "fool" AOS it's their own hardware. That gives possibility to get e.g. usb mass storage acting like Amiga hard disk but much faster. AFAIK there's been great progress in that matter. Sooner or later there'd be connectivity (ethernet, wifi), graphics (2d, 3d rtg), maybe codecs (a/v decoding) and unused cores as well. But that's a lot of software emulation to cover... eventually using rpi to emulate whole amiga might be faster and more reliable. So while I do find PiStorm intriguing and I find it to be the one thing I considered in the past I am actually more fond of classical approach for a turbo card. There isn't one true recipe for turbo card which could satisfy all. But I guess in time PiStorm can become pretty good alternative for Vampire V2. And with either Cortex A53 (Rpi3) or A72 (RPi4) being available from AOS3 - well that might be a renaissance of classic amiga co-processor design. I think one way or another ARM will come to AOS and take place above PPC cards. But the point is - will developers find it useful and write apps using it. If it'll only handle mp3 decoding or jpeg decoding or mpeg2 decoding (yes, it can!) ... well that's plenty enough. But it would be a shame if that's all there is to it.
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