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My amiga rant...

I'm really unlucky when it comes to my Amiga experience...

Let me explain why I need to vent a bit.

I had an A1000 and was a bit limited memory and expansion wise so I decided to get rid of it so I could afford my dream machine an A2000. And I did find one that seemed to be in beautiful condition, well at least on photo.... I even planned to take a post Christmas vacation since I've cumulated a week worth of time in my "time bank" at work to play with it.

When the machine got to me it was in less than stellar conditions. Crooked back pannel, missing or not matching screws and with the leaking battery still there. I had words with the seller about these defects... Ok the acid damage didn't seem too bad so I cleaned it up. I put back the machine toghetter and boot it up. Ok so far so good, but it was a KS 1.3 machine and I've already passed an order for an IDE->CF zorro interface which need at least 2.4 but work better on 3.1. Also, at that moment I realized that when I shipped my A1000 I've sent my new Amiga mouse with it instead of the original A1000 mouse with its angled plug which doesn't fit with the A2000.

So, I search a bit and found a guy on AtariAge that had both a mouse and the 3.1 KS rom. It finaly got here, so I went and opened the A2000, removed the drives and PSU tray, removed the rom and plug in the new one. Created a CF HDD on WinUAE and installed the card in the first Zorro slot. So far so good!
So back went the drives and PSU. Now to plug the floppy cable back then I'll finally enjoy my new baby... Oh wait... I don't remember the floppy connector missing a pin?!?

Yep, when removing the floppy cable, carefully I might add, one of its pin came with the cable. In all my years of upgrading computers I've never even bent a single connector pin let alone pull one out! So, now I need to replace that pin somehow and find a new floppy cable since the pin is stuck in it and I got no way to pull it out without breaking connector (I really tried, believe me) since its to far inside to use even my most pointed needle nose pliers.

Now, I do own another Amiga, a 500 PAL model. And here's where my curse continue... I'm Canadian, the machine came with an european PSU. I bought it as a spare so I wasn't in a hurry to get a PSU for it. So I've just ordered a Ray Carlsen PSU because even though I have all the parts to hook up an ATX PSU to it, I just don't want to jinx it... It'll probably take a week or more to get here. Funny thing I've found out recently is that US postage to Canada takes about twice the time that it take to ship the other way. I've finaly found a postal service worst than Canada Post!

So, next time I wan't to take time off to play with my toys, I'll make sure that they're working first else it's bloody demoralizing...

But I feel better now that I've written this...
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Man here's to wishing you some better luck
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All that trouble because you didn't get Raspberry Pi with RetroPie? Well deserved!
On serious note, don't play lotto.
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What a horror story. Attributing it to the Amiga is not fair though, that was only what you were in the market for when you ran into the nightmares of shipping and third party reselling.
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You can see mine in various threads over the past hour or so
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im sry for pumping but they have now made it so that I need 100 posts to be able to download whdload packs
that grandis.nu ftp worked for free before.

There is a saying, ad astra per aspera! To the stars thru hardships or something :P
You sometimes need kinda buddha mind to endure all what the retro hobby throws at you
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Originally Posted by tenuke View Post
im sry for pumping but they have now made it so that I need 100 posts to be able to download whdload packs
that grandis.nu ftp worked for free before.
No, it's been adjusted to 50 posts from 100 today, see here:

Originally Posted by Turran View Post
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Ooops, yeah why not lower to 50 then
Done =)
...and it still works for *free*; you just have slower download speeds if you don't have a proper account.

The mirror has now gone, but you can use the GoogleDrive if you're not close to 50 posts as yet
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Not forgetting GoogleDrive oftens delivers as fast as you can download.
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In my day they would hand deliver it on CD.
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You don't know anything about ranting.
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Hi, you desperately need some good luck or maybe you are lucky in love.
I am curious do you still got the A1000 mouse? I got A1000 and I am looking for angled tank mouse for ages... I would gladly pay or exchange for other Amiga mouse.
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What revision is your A2000? My 6.2 has a missing floppy pin too, and it's supposed to: it's for keying the cable.

I think some earlier versions have all their pins, but not all A2000s have all their pins. It scared the crap out of me too, but I can guarantee you that my floppy drive works fine.
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