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Public service announcement: Download Yahoo Groups archives now!

Shamelessly cross-posting from the thread I started an Amiga.org....

As MobbyG noted in a recent thread, Yahoo Groups is being drastically changed and pared back. From my understanding of Yahoo's announcement, the current web-based message and file archives will be deleted on December 14, 2019.

A lot of Amiga mailing lists were hosted on Yahoo Groups (and its predecessor, eGroups) in the late 90s through the mid 2010s and all that data (and community history) is now at risk of being lost.

If you are/were a member of any Amiga mailing lists that were hosted on Yahoo Groups, please use the tool Yahoo provided at the above link to download those archives so they can be preserved. It takes a few days between the archive request and the data being available for download.

I have been able to get archives from the following mailing lists:
  • Amiga-Mediator
  • amizilla
  • barsnpipes
  • delfina
  • ibrowse
  • imagefx
  • Picasso96
  • scenehandler
  • Studio-Amiga

I know there are a bunch more out there that I was never a member of. If you were, please take the time to preserve this data.
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Old 06 November 2019, 12:56   #2
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No need to worry about the ibrowse list - the archives will be retained somewhere. I'm currently seeing mail-archive.com as a possible solution - I remembered them from the Miami mailing list days, and was pleasantly surprised to see they are still operating. They allow mbox imports and in theory you could leave lists on Yahoo and new messages will get archive to mail-archive.com.
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Thanks, Oliver!
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Old 15 December 2019, 02:47   #5
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I managed to download all the South West Amiga Group posts. Fascinating to read from the group’s initial formation to the original group’s demise.

I tried the online download tool but couldn’t get it to work. In the end I found a script which I ran on my Mac on the command line which pulled down the XML files and converted them to text.
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What about Sky users ?
Our mail goes thru Yahoo...
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