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Music and the A600

I recently picked up a copy of OctaMed which I intended to start using with my A600 but it crashes constantly - often with messages saying that I don't have enough memory. Having not really thought this through before buying the software, I now realise that it's probably quite possible that the A600 isn't powerful enough for the program.

Does anyone know if that is the case? If so, would an A1200 do the job? Also, as I am now rediscovering the charms of my Amiga and did not use it for music in my teens, does anyone have any advice or recommendation as to which is the best music program? There are a few others around such as Sequencer One I believe.

Any advice or help would be very gratefully received!
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As far as I know the most advanced music program for the Amiga is Musicline, but it's also a bit demanding. You can probably start it up on your A600 but if you want to use it to its fullest I think you will need no less than an A1200 with a fastmem expansion, or an Amiga with a CPU accelerator card and at least 2 MB of RAM in total, and the same goes for anyone who wants to play your music files.

The most popular program if you go by number of productions is without a doubt ProTracker, and OctaMED comes 2nd. ProTracker will run fine on your unexpanded A600, and I think OctaMED should do too actually. Ask Hungry Horace on this board, he uses OctaMED and would know how to get it to run.
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Thanks Leffmann. I guess that it's possible that my OctaMED disc is faulty - actually, I have a few discs that don't load for the A600. Any idea where I could get ProTracker?
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I ran Octamed on an unexpanded 600 for 2 years....V5.
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Originally Posted by chesty View Post
I guess that it's possible that my OctaMED disc is faulty
If the disk was faulty you'd get read error messages and not crashes and definitely not messages about memory.

Any idea where I could get ProTracker?
Or http://www.protracker.de/ if you speak German.
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The A600 won't like 8 channel mods on Octamed. It's just not fast enough.
As for Musicline, you need Kickstart 3.0+ and it will run like shit on an A600. I could never use more than 2 channels.
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