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Old 07 November 2012, 21:51   #21
Lord of Amiga-Manuals
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Better late than never!

Great work, many many thanks!!!!

Cheers Josh
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Carlos Ace
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Cool !!!
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Old 07 November 2012, 21:53   #23
Lord Aga
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Whoa, this is incredible !
Awesome work Geijer
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Old 07 November 2012, 22:13   #24
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Just looked at the history doc and yay he`s put identification of individual boards in there, so thanks again !
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Old 07 November 2012, 22:21   #25

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Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
Just looked at the history doc and yay he`s put identification of individual boards in there, so thanks again !
Yes, Jens kindly provided me with a list of all his boards and pointed out how to improve those parts of SysInfo in future releases.

Please provide me with more unidentified boards!
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Old 07 November 2012, 23:34   #26
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Very nice, glad that this is being updated after all these years.

This has been the must have tool for the Amiga.
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Old 07 November 2012, 23:56   #27
Computer Wizard

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Thanks for the great work on this utility.
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Old 08 November 2012, 02:34   #28
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Great Job!!! We have needed this for awhile. I was thinking about it not too long ago.
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Old 08 November 2012, 06:00   #29
I hate potatos and shirts
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Thanks for the effort, Geijer!
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Old 08 November 2012, 06:09   #30

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SysInfo updated? I can't believe it!
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Old 08 November 2012, 08:02   #31
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Thanks for the update Geijer...
Alway nice to see that somebody continues to develop for our Amiga's.
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Old 08 November 2012, 08:09   #32

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LOL just yesterday evening I used this tool and thought to myself: "long time no update for that".
And now I read this topic. This is crazy!
So many thanks for the update!
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Old 08 November 2012, 08:21   #33
Beta 1.666
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Old 08 November 2012, 08:25   #34
Puttymoon inhabitant
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Old 08 November 2012, 08:57   #35
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There's a few minor things that I learned to do (or not to do) on Sysinfo:

- don't trust the MHz output. I highly depends on memory speed. I suggest to replace this routine by something that completely runs in the CPU cache and that runs way longer. Calculation should not be referenced against the chipset, but against the RTC if found.

- don't move the mouse while measuring HD speed. Full multitasking is still in place during measurement, and if you're moving the mouse, it takes up a lot of CPU time, reducing the measured value. No idea how to work around this.

- a full 68020 is shown as EC020, although some addresses that Sysinfo is displaying are way outside the 16MByte barrier. A more complete mirror-test of the memory space will be required here.

- EClk calculation is questionable, probably derived from the Agnus/Alice type found. EClk is generated from the chipset clock (it is chipset clock divided by 40). This can (most probably) only be calculated if an RTC is found, because that has it's own crystal that can serve as a reference. The differencies between board clocks are tiny, so only a crystal reference will give the required precision. You'll have to measure a 0.92% difference if you want to detect the PAL vs. NTSC frequency (28.63636MHz NTSC vs. 28.37516MHz PAL). Some computers have a 28.322MHz clock installed, challenging you to measure a 0,19% difference between correct PAL and "standard VGA crystal" that was commonly used as a replacement part by repair places. It might take several seconds for a measuring routine to gain the required precision.

- Sysinfo opens it's own screen (std. hires). While this is good for vendors of flickerfixers, it might be an idea to have it clone the screenmode that it was launched from - a similar option that Dopus4 has. This makes it compatible with the largest number of monitors, but adds challenges to performance calculation due to different chipmem access speeds. An easy workaround would be to switch off all chipset DMA for performance testing.

That should serve as a filler for a few long winter nights ;-)

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Old 08 November 2012, 10:11   #36
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Welcome in the future !
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Old 08 November 2012, 19:46   #37
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What's the fuck ?!!!!!!!!!?

I would like to know at how many people Nic Wilson gave permission to continue his work ...

Really bored to have wasted all that time for nothing ...
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Old 08 November 2012, 20:01   #38
CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Elle est bien bonne celle-là XD !

This is one is quite funny XD !
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Old 08 November 2012, 20:08   #39
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Fantastic work!!!
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Old 08 November 2012, 20:10   #40
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Great news!
thanks Geijer.
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