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Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
That time I would have loved to have a good working Amiga derived OS. Tried out AROS for instance, but wasn't so happy with it. Maybe MorphOS would have been better, I don't know.
I'm pretty sure you would have been quite happy with MorphOS, it's way more mature than AROS or OS4 (which also is more mature than AROS). I've been using all these in some degree when betatesting my programs on different platforms, but as a honest opinion, AROS is too buggy, incompatible, and doesn't have anyone to make a really polished distribution, so I can't imagine using it as a daily setup myself.
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A2000 BBS is online 24/7 and there is always waiting for something to do
the design of the circuit boards uses the A1200 and now also the A4000 which is in reserve if the BBS machine breaks down
I read email and browse Aminet
maybe some Amiga is on 5 days a week for some purpose other than maintaining the BBS
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MorphOS is targetted at PPC so it almost as limited as running AmigaOS on 68K or PPC.

I like AROS for the fact that I can run it on an x86 box, virtual or not.

WinUAE with AmigaOS 3.x still has limits for me as a daily drive as I NEED to work with cloud based apps and SaaS now for work.

Even at home, I need streaming video, music and webGL for the kids.

AROS in Bridge mode allows me to launch FireFox hosted on Windows to pull this off.

I saw AmigaSystem setting up AmigaOS using Windows Launcher over WinUAE to do this in his older AfAOne releases. So that may be an option for a near no compromised solution.
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Not daily, but at least two/three times per week I use my A1200 for assembly coding as well as some writing. Still have to setup my email on it so I can use it for that as well.
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