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Who is using your Amiga on daily basis?

I wonder how many are still using their Amiga for regular stuff, which is not related to retro or gaming. Like reading or answering email, browsing etc..

I love the Amiga, but I couldn't imagine using it for any serious anymore, as there are to much convenient programs available on PC. So I only have it for the memories and because I like to code on it on low level, which is much easier than doing on a normal PC.
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Amiga Demoscene Archive !
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I use Amiga (emulated) each day, but for fun, nothing of serious
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Yes, same as chip. The machines get used all the time but only for Amiga stuff, nothing more serious
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I use WinUAE to run my large collection of Amiga demos, with the option to download and run WHDLoad games if I wish.
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My X1000 is used everyday. My A1200 most weekends.
Generally browsing Amiga forums, tinkering with the OS and playing games.
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OctaMED Music Composer

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Making music on my real A600 with OctaMED SS, maybe not everyday but surely often. + run demos + draw graphics with PPaint + try to learn ASM + run games + ...

in short: proudly YES!
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I have been playing around a lot more recently. Busy getting my emulation and real amiga set up for some creative work....and games of course.
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I use my Amiga 1200 almost every day. Most to play games and watch demos. I have Blizzard 030 and 21" CRT with Scan plus AGA scandoubler.
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My A4000 gets powered on MOST days. I use it to: check Amiga web sites (IBrowse), read my Amiga email (YAM), and a new goal for 2020 - I am learning to program in C on the Amiga (goal since 1988)
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I wonder how comfortable browsing is on the Amiga. Does it support new web features or are you restricted to sites which are not using newer stuff?
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Check this video to see how facebook/twitter looks like on the latest IBrowse.. Its no CSS support so it will not look totally correct but it is usable [ Show youtube player ]
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Old 07 March 2020, 17:06   #12
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Still use my A1200 multiple times a week. Just love programming assembly on it!
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Old 07 March 2020, 18:38   #13
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If you count MorphOS as "amiga" (I do, because I'm using Amiga programs on it and its a direct continuation for my expanded A1200 use (I just pretty much copied the programs I used on A1200 to MorphOS when I made the transition)) then I'm using it as my daily machine. I use it for emails, browsing, IRC'ing, coding, music, movies, photo processing, filemanagement, and everything I need. I rarely turn on any other machines at home.
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Old 08 March 2020, 08:54   #14
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I use it regularly, but only normal play.
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Old 08 March 2020, 20:13   #15
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At least weekly. It helps that it sits next to my Mac and I can easily run them side by side. AmiIRC, Ibrowse (love the new version). Some mod playing, tinkering with the OS or scanning another 50 old floppies and creating new ADFs, or messing with the ZZ9000 ARM SDK...

On the serious side I’m trying to up my C programming skills.
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I just saw this thread http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=47693 and read the PDF. I must say this is an intruiging idea. Only the keyboard might be a "problem" as it is not a real Amiga keyboard. But I was wondering if this might be a way to get the Amiga more up to date. Only problem I see is that probably a lot of software may not run this way, at least not if you let it run with the speed of a modern PC.
But I could imagine that this might give a boost to day to day usage.
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Old 09 March 2020, 09:11   #17
Re-loading. Please wait.

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Not daily but now that I have one again (A500), I'm amazed at how "normal" it feels when I do fire it up.
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An interestingly worded question. My A4000 is always ready to go and as a result it also gets quite a bit of use. Perhaps every other day. My regular Amiga stuff doesn't involve browsing the web or reading email with it. Perhaps 25% of my Amiga use is gaming (WHDLoad or otherwise), the rest is creative endeavors and archiving old floppies. The majority of the creative use is inside Octamed SS and Protracker these days, rarely also a bit of ASM-One or SAS/C.
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Old 31 March 2020, 13:36   #19
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Managed to get my A4000 back up and running after a long break getting the house renovated. I was using it daily to play mods, mp3s through my 16-bit repulse soundcard. I use it for writing, probably even more so now the ZZ9000 has working ethernet. I've also bumped the Ram up to 402Mb with a BigRamPlus so I can start working on proper photo editing with photogenics.
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Before I got my mac, I always always on the search for "my OS", and tried out many different things, since I was so unsatisfied with Windows.

That time I would have loved to have a good working Amiga derived OS. Tried out AROS for instance, but wasn't so happy with it. Maybe MorphOS would have been better, I don't know.

These days though, I am so used to MacOS that it would be really hard to switch again, I guess.

So, for me my real Amigas are basically for testing out my game coding stuff.
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