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WinUAE and KS 3.x 45.064

I've got my A1200 down out of the loft and wanted to bring it up to "modern" standards. Its currently got KS 3.0 installed so after lot of research saw that 3.x 45.064 is the latest one available from amigastore.eu (http://amigastore.eu/en/451-rom-3x-a...two-chips.html).

Now I'm also getting a SD2IDE adaptor and wanted to build the OS before this arrives. I wanted to build this virtual 1200 as close as possible to the real deal so have been looking at which WB and KS ROMS are required.

I have AF7 so a version of the roms should be available for testing there (amiga-os-3x0-a1200.rom) so far so good.

I can boot AF7 up using the OS3.x settings and I can see that the version is KS 45.64 and WB 45.3 so all good there.

If I copy across the amiga-os-3x0 roms and the key I cannot get WinUAE to recognize the roms. The latest it recognises is 3.1 r40.68. Are there any plans for the later KS's to be supported?

Now, what I tried to do was take the os 3.x system files from AF and run that from WinUAE itself. That works if i use KS 3.1 r40.68. This gives me KS 45.57 and WB 45.3 so almost there.

What this doesn't do though is load/copy across workbench.library. The latest KS's leave out WB from the ROM as there's not enough space so I'm thinking that the WB install must check for the version of the KS for this copy to work.

Any thoughts?
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Personaly i would go for the 3.1 roms as there has been some issues reported for the 3x rooms.
I have af7 and Winuae finds the 3x rooms ok without moving roms and keys about.
The workbench.library is on the workbench disk for the 3x disk set. You have to use these or copy the library to install wb to 3x rooms.
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Mmm I see 3.1 adf's but no 3.x disk set there - I can see a 3.x WB Installation which has workbench.library on the disk but no ADF's. (I wanted the ADF's so I can install ClassicWB with the latest fixes...)
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We can't share them on EAB due to the rules but Google is your friend
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Toni Wilen
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I stopped adding new "custom" ROMs long time ago and decided to only add official Commodore ROMs that are available in physical ROM chip form. (Minus some exceptions, mainly never released betas that are different enough than official versions)
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Isn't there one workbench.library on Plus and Premium Amiga Forever CD?
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Actually, you don't need Amiga Forever Plus or Premium (if you bought the physical cloanto 3.x ROM chip), The workbench.library for 3.1 with 3.x ROMs you can get here: https://www.amigaforever.com/classic/download/
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