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Get a kryoflux and a HxC.
You won't regret it.

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Originally Posted by Alen View Post

Any hints what kind of software you did use on Amiga and PC side?
(was it capable to create ADF-files directly on PC side or did you have to create the ADF on Amiga side and the just used it for transfering?)
Hmm, we're talking about 10+ years ago but I seem to recall the name PC2AMIGA. From memory you could set up a pc shared folder and transfer files to and from.

I think it set the shared folder up as a volume and I just used directory opus 4 to make multiple transfers at once.

Another way, probably harder:

I'm pretty sure I had also set up a tcp/ip program, (miami maybe) to run through a parallel cable to the pc which enabled the internet. I'm sure you could probably set up a ftp server on one and a client on the other to transfer a whole bunch of adfs.

You'll of course need to produce all the adfs on the amiga first though.
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Thanks McTrinsic and jb.

@McTrinsic - yep, would be nice to have one, but for this one time thing I need something cheaper.

Found it: http://uber-leet.com/index.php?page=network
(Good to know. But creating the ADF on Amiga side and then transfer it faster through parallel to PC side is about same fast as copying and creating the ADF on the fly through serial...)

Guess will stick to the serial solution for now - 3mins per disk... Wouldnt be bad to find a serial card for the Amiga and see the 115200 working, but hard to find...

Hm - I put once aside a SCSI Zip Drive and a parallel Zip Drive (100MB). Thought I might someday figure out if its possible to connect the one or the other to Amiga. Think parallel is not possible but SCSI could work? (And on PC Side I could then connect the Parallelportdrive - or SCSIdrive if necessary - and copy a large bunch of files that way). I'll search a bit around here about information about Amiga & ZIP-Drive...
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I don't use Amiga Explorer but I easily run my A2000/030 serial port @115200 baud with Ncomm, 8n1.device and a good Copymemquicker patch. The only thing I can't do is maintain this transfer rate during DMA transfers, so I copy the files into RAM: and then from RAM: to my HD.

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Late to the topic but in case it helps anyone:

An A3000 with 4MB Fast ram but otherwise stock can do 115,200 reliably
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