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Early Amiga Dealer Demo

Hi everyone,

Since I've just recently returned to the Amiga fold and started to dust off my collection of games and demos from years gone by, I realised that there was something missing of some nostalgic significance to me (don't ask me why! Must be getting old...)

When I first bought my Amiga 500 way back in 87' the dealer had a little demo to show off the capabilities of the computer... Now I know there were many demo disks about, so this is probably like searching for a needle in a haystack, but I figure it can't hurt to ask if anyone knows about it.

It featured:

1/ The robocity animation
2/ A piano/keyboard that was rather cute to play with
3/ A series of Humphrey Bogart sound clips from the movie Casablanca

...And probably a whole bunch more which I have forgotten about. Maybe the dealer cobbled this collection together himself, or perhaps it came from a known P.D. Collection - which is what I'm hoping for. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Any tips greatly appreciated

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was it Amigamagic demo ( it has a piano part at least )?
only these pictures, there seems to be no diskimage of this one :/

RoboCity demo on aminet ( not tested, but readme gives a good guess ).
The Bogart samples, not sure but found 2 "Movie Stars" disk on 17 bit PD: 17bit-4382.dms and 17bit-4383.dms .

this is more like "how to make your own demo disk" ...

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Thanks for the hints!

The Piano app I was thinking of was actually a workbench application. I might try scouring the Fred Fish collection again. :-)

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