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Diablo 1 like game for Amiga?

I was just looking at the spec for the first diablo; 60Mhz cpu, 8 mb ram, 256 colours at 640x480. I wonder if an 060 aga machine could handle a port of it?

then i wondered if someone had made a diablo like clone, but couldn't find anything.

given this game out in 97 i'm shocked that i'm not finding anything similar for amiga.
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Very hard game though i found
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I always thought Faery Tale Adventure was Diablo like, although not quite as dark. ;-)
Similar perspective and similar action (get close to baddies and click a lot). ;-)

I don't see any reason why an accelerated Amiga (not even an 060) shouldn't be able to handle that type of game at all..
And really, I would think a 1200 with some FAST RAM might be able to handle it as well..
(Not sure about the hi-res tho)

In fact, looking at the Immortal and Shadowlands, there's probably not any reason a plain Amiga couldn't handle it, especially with a drop in resolution to lo-res.


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that's what i was thinking.

to make up for a smaller screen size though, reducing the size of the hud to just a bar of icons on the bottom would make sense to me. but still keep the split window for inventory etc.

there may need to be fewer ai on screen at once, but that can be balanced by making them tougher i guess.

i really wish i could code/port stuff, i'd love to do it
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I think the 'game' Blade was released as a supposed Diablo clone, though it turned out anything but. I was conned into buying this sorry excuse for a game and realised aftet just a minute of play. I gave it a few more minutes and then binned it. Truly awful.

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That is my one of my dreams!
A Diablo port for the Amiga.
Someone could port it from the mac version (ppc) although a 68k port would be really great.
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Adrian Browne
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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post

Very hard game though i found
Not quite Diablo, if I remember correctly. I have or had this game on cd somewhere.
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