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Old 23 November 2009, 14:04   #61
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Well, currently i have the music of Wonderboy in Monsterland in my mind. I really loved that game.
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Old 27 November 2009, 12:22   #62
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[ Show youtube player ]

Skip to second 0:44
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Old 27 November 2009, 14:12   #63
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Nearly all of the music from Apidya was my favourite.
I remember recording it onto tape and getting my mum to play it in the car. The music from the tech-y level really got me into music in general as a kid.
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Old 27 November 2009, 14:47   #64
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My car's internal mp3 player is full of Amiga games music, I listen to it very often while cruising the city streets. Before these players were invented, I used to listen recorded Amiga games music from the audiocasette in my car.
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Old 28 November 2009, 00:54   #65
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I use to love this one I remember just booting up the 500 just to hear it lol

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Old 28 November 2009, 01:00   #66
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I have been SINGING to myself refrain of [ Show youtube player ]. Round and round, spinning for weeks in my head.
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Old 05 December 2009, 17:51   #67
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I used to love the Arkanoid tune, think it was on a paradox cracktro at the start. I made a little remake of it anyway with a piano in the intro

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Old 06 December 2009, 01:28   #68
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I'd go for Spooky by Diablo and Psycho of Budbrain, from their Megademo II.
Ok, not a game .. sorry.
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Old 08 December 2009, 12:37   #69
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Chuck Rock II, Super Cars II, Lotus series. Among many others. Some games music just oozes of nostalgia for me.
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Old 08 December 2009, 15:10   #70
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I have to say Follin's sublime masterpiece Ghouls 'n Ghosts, and also Timothy Wright's Agony.
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Old 08 December 2009, 15:18   #71
Steve C
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What about UFO? Creepy background music with a punchy rock tune for the Intercerptor sequence:-

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 08 December 2009, 15:44   #72
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Cebit '90 - RSI
3D Demo 2 - Anarchy
Flower Power - Anarchy
Digital Innovation - Anarchy
Shadow of the Beast
Super Space Invaders (Title Tune)
Alien Breed 2 AGA
Ghouls n Ghosts
Xenon 2 Title
Blood Money ingame (intro hasn't aged well at all)
Enigma - Phenomena
Turrican 2
Turrican 3
Shockwave (title)
Lost Chords by 4-Mat
Phantasmagoria - Anarchy
Full Moon - Fairlight/VD
Love - Fairlight/VD
Wicked Sensation - TRSi/Mellow Chips
Voyage - Razor 1911
Jehova goes Hitech - Voice
Seeing is Believing - Anarchy

Plus many, many cracktro tunes, especially THE Felix Schmidt tune for Paranoimia/Vision Factory
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Old 08 December 2009, 19:33   #73
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Perihelion (title), including that initial awesome speech sample
Super Cars 2 (shop screen)
R-Type (title)
Extase interactive music (vision level)

edit: Duck Tales (FLT cracktro music)!
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Old 08 December 2009, 21:11   #74
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From CU Amiga coverdisks:
mod.occ san geen (by K.Verbist) and
mod.dark (by Nico Arianoutsos)

Still love those tracks to this day!
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Old 09 December 2009, 15:54   #75
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If I'm not wrong "mod.occ san geen" is the music of Scoopex' 7 sins demo composed by Uncle Tom. Both music and demo were excellent.

Right now I like to listen to Obliterator's title tune by David Whittaker.
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Old 10 December 2009, 12:19   #76
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It Came From The Desert (all)
Batman: The Movie (Streets of Gotham and the Cathedral)
Elvira (The Garden and Upstairs)
Wings of Death (phenomenal all-around soundtrack)
And the "Onslaught" theme is excellent as well.

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Old 26 December 2009, 18:49   #77
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The alternate title music from Pinball Dreams is one that sticks in the mind, as do the themes from Cadaver and Sensible Soccer.

Quite a few of the best Amiga composers seemed to be either German or Scandinavian, particularly on the demo scene; there were some highly talented amateur musicians out there.
Old 29 December 2009, 02:03   #78

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Music from Twintris were really good
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Old 02 January 2010, 20:21   #79
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Bionic commando
Old 03 January 2010, 01:13   #80
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Xenon II Remix:
[ Show youtube player ]

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Yeah I was one of those odd ones out who played this game to death when I first bought it, I don't think the game received a large play audience on release like such obvious games like Rainbow Islands, Newzealand Story, Xenon etc.

I should have added that as one of my favs too

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