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I am glad someone finally mentioned Mega Typhoon, because I was going to do it.

It doesn't look good, but the amount of stuff it pushed on screen, with never a dip of slowdown... it's amazing.
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Mega Typhoon should look much better on CRT display as shading will be blurred.
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namm namm AMIGA

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in my opinion ( and i am no programmer..... )

Brian the Lion
Kid Chaos
Ruff n Tumble
Slam Tilt
(Super) Stardust
B.C Kid ( call me crazy, but only 1 Disc, all those Levels & Music ; i know, the original is on Hue Card, but still ...)
Turrican II ( 1 Disc again )
Banshee ( but no Ingame music .. that sucks, not even on the CD32 )
No second Prize ( 50 Fps , on a standart amiga ; i donĀ“t count games like Breathless&Co that only rely on Fast CPUs....)

i surley forgotten a few ... * sorry *

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namm namm AMIGA

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Originally Posted by vitux View Post
Myth: History in the Making. I do not know if technically, but it was a great game
Another, Acsys, unfinished game, for me, better than Turrican.
Very funny ; NOTHING is better then Turrican... ok, Turrican II
This games have it all
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Speedbump gimme goosebump
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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Puggsy had really good physics.
Very true, even though the Mega Drive seems the better version.

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Shadow Fighter had a cheat code that enabled 50 fps animation. I guess they didn't use it because it probably needed an A1200 or Fast RAM to work, but it's a real shame.

Lionheart is probably the most impressive game for me. It's not just that the coding is amazing, it's that the art is technically brilliant too. It makes so much out of the limited number of colours available, and must have been the product of some clever custom tools and close work between the programmer and graphics artist.

Sidewinder was pretty nice. Not the greatest but it did have plenty of stuff on screen and you could blow up much of the background scenery, and it didn't get slowdown. There is a "bug" though, if you had a Zip stick with it's mega fast autofire your shots would disappear when you moved up the screen, because the single sprite re-used for them would start to overlap itself.

How about Project X? That had a fair bit going on, lots of large sprites. Starglider II had a pretty impressive 3D engine, and predates Frontier. Midwinter II was also quite impressive from that point of view, a very large world kinda like Hunter II.
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Originally Posted by zero View Post
Starglider II had a pretty impressive 3D engine, and predates Frontier.
Starglider II was good, but Frontier is in another league - actual 3D planets with surface detail instead of just flat circles, and real navigation of the planets surface instead of switching to a different "mode" when you entered a planet's atmosphere. Mercenary 2&3 were more advanced than Starglider II in some respects (the planets featured multiple islands with road networks), although maybe not as optimised for speed.
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Ah yes, the Mercenary games were quite something at the time. The tunnels in Starglider 2 were pretty nice though.

From a technical point of view you could argue for Final Fight. The frame rate was poor, but it was playable and somehow compressed a fairly large game down to IIRC one disk.
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Zeewolf remake

Originally Posted by khph_re View Post
I'm going to be contentious and say demo scene games were technically brilliant, but lacking playability.

frontier and xcom for me. and a shout out for zeewolf ,killing cloud and robocop 3.
I wasn't sure where to post this and as I've only just joined... I didn't want to make a new thread.

I am remaking Zeewolf
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1. Alien breed
2. Turrican 2
3. Lionheart
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a late reply, but I've noticed your post about Shadow Fighter just now. SF is full 50 fps for both AGA and ECS, the cheat for fast mode only works on AGA version, doubles the speed of pretty much everything on screen, it's still 50 fps and needs no expansion at all, just a stock A1200.
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I remember seeing the Shadow Fighter code for the first time and wondering why they didn't just run the game at 50 FPS. It could have looked as good as the arcade version of Street Fighter II, running that smooth.

I'd love to know the story behind choosing to degrade some stuff to 25 fps when the engine could handle more. Maybe they didn't want the ECS and AGA versions to play differently.
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Old 27 February 2017, 16:26   #293
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As has been pointed out already Shadow Fighter, both ECS and AGA are 50Hz. But player characters simply don't have enough frames of animation to display a different frame of animation every screen refresh. This would require lots of chip memory, probably far more than the Amiga actually has.

Oh, and the player characters are perhaps a bit on the small side to beat Arcade SFII. But on the other hand I suspect that the AGA version actually has more colours on screen, more background animation and to my eyes better floor parallax effect than SFII.
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I see what you mean. I must be remembering it wrong, I thought they were moving at 25 FPS as well.
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
1. Alien breed
2. Turrican 2
3. Lionheart
It's the opposite in fact. Lionheart is way more advanced than Turrican 2 and Alien Breed Technically speaking.
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Originally Posted by palindrome View Post
I wasn't sure where to post this and as I've only just joined... I didn't want to make a new thread.

I am remaking Zeewolf
Don't be afraid to start new topic if you have something new to say.. Amiga News / or Amiga Scene etc..
If you get it wrong you can always try to get a moderators attention and have it moved.
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Here are three games that seem to be technically advanced:

Overdrive by Infacto

Pioneer Plague

Ashes of Empire

Overdrive is a shooter that according to the HOL entry runs in 64 color EHB mode and uses all sorts of technical tricks.

Pioneer Plague is also a shooter, but uses HAM mode 4096 color graphics for moving objects, which is very rare in action games.

And Ashes of Empire simply seems like an extremely complex and epic game, so I thought I would mention it.

But I haven't tried out any of these games myself, so it's hard to say how technically advanced they actually are, just thought I would mention them because they sound so technical.
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one of the best for me is Premiere, anamiga exploited in graphics and sound quality.
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