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Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
Overall I'd probably rather swap a game for Octamed and a sampler
For making a journal for when they find your remains?
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Lesser Talent
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I think it'd have to be...

Ruff N Tumble
Slam Tilt
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humble worm
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cadaver would be enough
I am pretty sure I wont finish it
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Still an Amiga user
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1. Deluxe Galaga AGA - I cant live without this game...
2. Frontier Elite - It's about time I played it properly...
3. Dune II - (Maybe with K240 disks and manual also hidden in Box) - I really should learn to play both these games...
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Emerald Mines + editor
Frontier Elite II
Slam Tilt
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Old 19 August 2009, 13:58   #126
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1. Frontier
2. Championship Manager 93
3. Powermonger

Purely chosen on lastability. I guess it would take quite a while to complete every world in Powermonger. I also could've chosen Populous II in that regard but I think I might enjoy trying to complete Powermonger more as the maps show more variety then these hundreds of populous worlds which are basicly always the same after you've activated all skills.

Also, I might try to sneak in another two, Speedball II and Pinball Fantasies
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Old 20 August 2009, 16:06   #127
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1. Pinball Fantasies
2. Space Taxi 3 (hello Taxi take me of this Island )
3. Traps nĀ“Treasures (i really like the SOUND and feel of this Game )

so loong....
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1. Sensible Soccer
2. Indy Heat
3. Defender Of The Crown
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It's going to have to be:

1) Frontier: Elite 2
2) Cannon Fodder
3) Speedball 2

(If I had a hard drive, I'd swap out either CF or SB2 for NetHack.)
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Old 26 August 2009, 18:13   #130
uber cool demi god

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Championship Manager
Dune II
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3.The Stag disks (assuming ography is not among the essentials)
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Old 07 August 2010, 20:19   #132
I am an Amiga man.
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1. Swos
2. Might & Magic 2
3. It Came from the Desert

Damn..... I hate these questions; but I have a compulsion to answer. You've got to love lists.
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I guess i'm not the only one that does this
A game that can be played over and over:


Purple Saturn day - the circuit board level which is very addictive i find

Flight sim 2 - like to relax by flying and landing which means puttiing cloud on)

F18 - i think everyone likes to jump into this every now and again.Like FS2, i enjoy the landing aspect but also the thrills F18 has when hugging the ground.It's not the best sim perhaps but the most fun

I wouldn't be happy not to play Kick off2 or T2 and others though

3 games from all systems:

Halo1 - still play this all the time because it is so different with each play

Super Mario 64 - freedom to chain an impressive moveset(removed from Galaxy) and also interact with enviroment makes this still the best 3d platformer going

Bayonetta - super generous amount of combat freedom beyond other games of this type.Takes the extra layers concept concerning combat choice and gives you no limit on them

I wouldn't be happy not to play Goldeneye, Waverace(NTSC)N64, Excitetruck Wii, Soloflight C64 and countless others

Yeah these lists are too hard though but it's fun thinking about them.If i don't like list i end up with, i sometimes lift the restrictions to 5 or ten.The worst one is if you only had a choice of one game and that would mean i'd end up choosing Halo1 or possibly Reach if it manages the impossible this September
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Alien Breeder
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Shadow of the Beast
Lotus II
Alien Breed 3D (of course )
But three progs are really not enough
So going to ten:
ProTracker (any)
Pinball Dreams
Chaos Engine
Monkey Island (just to feel how it would be to be on an island
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Into the Wonderful

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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
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All threads merged
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Easy question and rapid answer: Elite Frontier.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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if its one game..


if its 3 games (please add)

Alien Breed Tower Assult

If its 5 games (please add)

Elite Frontier
UFO Enemy Unknown

If its 10 games (please add)

Super Case 2
Super Frog
Space Crusade
Space Hulk
SpeedBall 2
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Into the Wonderful

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One game! Thats the point. What game would you be happy to play over and over.

One dammit!
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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it would be Indiana Jones 4 FOA on my a1230 !
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