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Black screen after a while

Hello all,
I am facing a very annoying problem.
I have an A1200 Tower with a Blizzard 1260, a Fastata MKV and an Indivision MKII cr (plus some more).

Sometimes I get a black screen during the normal use of Workbench. It happens absolutely randomly, after a minute or after 30 minutes, sometimes even at boot I just get a black screen and "no signal" on screen.

I usually open the case, press the Indivision on Lisa, sometimes I even clean the contacts and I temporarily solve the issue... just until it happens again.
Any idea about what can cause this problem?

The card is a rev 1d4, recapped with time fixes and with E127C open and E127R close with a 10Ohm resistor. This has been done because I had glitches at boot with HighGFX at 1024x768 (the resolution I still use).
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It sounds like the Indivision is coming loose, probably as the Lisa chip warms up. Unfortunately the method of clipping a socket on over chips like that is never 100% as the chips aren't designed to be used like that, so you could have a slight tolerance issue. Are you sure it's seated on the chip properly? Is it slightly raised on one side? There could be a tiny lump of solder or a small component causing the socket to not fit exactly right, or possibly a cracked solder joint that becomes undone because of the heat and pressure.
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Hello Daedalus,
thanks for the hint... your explanation is certainly a possible cause.

To be honest, I noticed a small "issue" in the socket of the Indivision... it seems that the plastic between two pins is broken. Those pins are still straight, though, and when I put the Indy on Lisa it clicks well...

I will check better that part this evening and even the joints around Lisa. I had this issue a few months ago but after a cleaning of the mainboard and re-sitting of all expansions it seemed solved but now it has reappeared.
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