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Anyone able to make Cobra work?

It's most likely a nothing title but for the life of me I can't get it to run, I've done many searches re it and there's no bugged or not working threads anywhere.

I've tried from Winuae 1.52 up till the very latest beta with the same results despite many many combinations of adjustments. I ask for two reasons,

1. It's included in Gamebase Amiga as a working title with screenshot, I cannot try Winuae version 1.1 under my OS as it dies doing the pixel check.

2. it might be a rubbish game but the fact it dies may be a clue to other possible mini bugs..

And I suppose it it turns out to be a thing I have not tried then at least if I'm told I can use the same tact on other games just incase I can't get them to work.

Running on Win 7 X64, all latest DirectX and driver upgrades, Pentium 4 DC, 2 gig ram.

The game does not crash, it goes after a hackers intro to what looks like an old 'swap at this screen' type unpacker type screen, sadly swapping the disk does not work there. Tried, ram, no ram, drives, write protect and all quick configs.

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When the screen flashes, just insert disk 2 in DF0 and press the fire button. Works fine with the A500 most common quickstart.
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
just insert disk 2 in DF0 and press the fire button
Yay, THAT was the important part (missed by many): pressing the button! Not all games will continue automagically
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Oh bugger, thanks guys, that's the one thing I didn't do as my joystick driver sometimes plays havok with my Zoom modem (crap) and won't let it reconnect so it's not always linked up to the USB.

And a large Boooooooooooooo to the crackers for making no mention on the intro...
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Old man with banana on title screen, polish-quality graphics, it must something awesome.
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Awesome may not be the word I would use
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......cracked 1-disk version is also available.
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