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Super-speedy winUAE

Newbie here, so apologies if this is a michey mouse question.

I came across an issue this morning where everything in winUAE was running too fast - I'd estimate about 150% speed. The FPS in the status bar was happily showing 50FPS, but the action in any games was too fast to keep up with.

I carefully checked through the configuration screens, but I couldn't see anything wrong. I used the 'Quickstart' screen to change away from my default Amiga 500 configuration and then back again, but it carried on running fast.

Eventually I renamed the configuration.cache file (adding a '.old' extension) and it settled down after it created a new one. I'm glad it's repaired, but I'm interested in what I may have done in the first place to create the problem. I certainly hadn't gone in and explicitly set/unset any throttles.

I've seen that there's some F12+otherstuff key combos that might change the emulator's behaviours, but I don't have a readme or a manual listing any of them, so I'm sort of in the dark.

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Upload both configs and we will see.
I think it's a problem in CPU panel:

CPU Emulation Speed is set to "fastest possible".

For real Amiga 500 or 1200 you have to set it to:

Approximate A500/A1200 or cycle-exact
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You Scots, getting it faster than everybody and still moaning

Greets from a soft Southerner, as Huepper said, in the CPU panel you will see CPU Emulation Speed, make sure its set to A500 / 1200 cycle exact..

Also, what version of WinUae are you using because the setting have changed in bits over time...

Its recommended you use the last final for stability but most of us use the beta's as Toni is a whizz at sorting the bugs that arise so generally the beta's can be as reasonably dependable as any beta can be.

If in doubt, last final...

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Toni Wilen
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It probably was simply incompatible configuration, some games don't care, some work strangely, some work fast, some just crash.

Just visiting/changing Quickstart options won't change configuration if "start in quickstart mode" is not ticked and you didn't click "Set configuration" button.
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or have a configuration named Default which it will load automatically..

Default is handy if you use a particular setup most of the time ie A500+ for a large selection of games sold where a bare machine is most likely to work (possibly with a 1MB upgrade).

Most people have a selection of configs ie AGA, different CPU's but with games its best to have it set as how the machine arrived in the box, the more funky stuff you add, the more a game MAY have an issue.
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