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Xenon 2 Megablast


when Xenon 2 came out on the Amiga I kept playing it over and over again. Later when I got my PC I played the PC version - but the graphics and sound weren't as nice as in the Amiga version.
The game has always been on my mind. In 2000 I started a remake of the game for PC with the original soundtrack and enhanced graphics (DirectX version). The result can be seen on http://www.wildsau.net/p000046.asp
The first level is playable; source and documentation is there for download, too.

I would really like to give it another try but without taking endless screenshots. A rip of the GFX and the paths of the enemies would really be great.
Can anyone help me out?


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15Meg? I was expecting it to be like 3 tops

Does it have all the MP3's of the CD music from the CDTV or something?

[edit: Woa I think I gave you too much credit it's got a low quality 13Mb WAV file. It's not even off the Xenon II soundtrack (CDTV), it's the original BombTheBase "Into The Dragon" Album version.]

It is a fun ickle demo though... much better than I could ever do. Keep up the work.

If you want to playback the original david whittaker music and reduce the size of you game a lot, I am sure the deliplayer team can help you... if not there is the open source UADE that you can nick

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i'll try it tomorrow, the pics look very good.
but why have you changed the background? so it lack parallax, i mean the particles flying under the ship were great
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I remembered the Amiga version. It had some graphics underneath the level graphics, not just stars in the background.
I never liked the starfield...so I felt free to change the background layer.
Besides: the second layer moves slower than the top layer, so it is a kind of paralax scrolling.

@alexh: yes, it's the original from Bomb the Bass. As I said I only had the PC version and hopefully you don't know the original PC speaker sound! :-) The quality was reduced to keep the download small. Original MOD or better a conversion of it to MP3 would be better.

Anyway: as long as there are no graphics, I won't start it all over again. I'm hoping for tomcat666 to reply to my request about the GFX ripper.

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I gather you guys are aware of the version that was a programming project on PC Format (can be downloaded from the Bitmap Bros website.) I have not played it so I don't know how good it is.

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It's got the name "Xenon 2000" but has IMHO nothing to do with the classic Xenon 2. Okay, the levels look simliar but the enemies are different, you cannot fly backwards and the sound is different, too.

Let's say it's a game inspired by Xenon 2.
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I heard Xenon and Xenon 2 came out in Arcade cabs too, but i never saw one... The Xenon 2000 remake (i think) was a 1 level project on the cover of PC Gamer a couple of years back.
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Yeah I have the level, it's alright, nothing special as it was meant for a coding project for buyers of the mag.
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I'm pretty sure that Xenon 2 was not in the arcades, but Xenon is. It's in HOL too: http://hol.abime.net/?id=5236
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Really nobody out there...

...having the GFX extractor tool of tomcat666?
He doesn't seem to react to my mails....
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Seems I have mail problems - haven't gotten any emails from you so far :-( But I replied to the private message you sent me....
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