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Exclamation using latest snapshot...(a bit long)

hi 2 everybody,
now - i'm a long time (maybe from the very start?) winfellow user and i think it's far better than any other thing... well on:

my main purpose is to emulate amiga games (A500 good oldies, no AGA) in a perfect shape, with silk smooth scrollers and perfect sound...

running fullscreen, winfellows goes for a well defined refresh rate (for me it's very often 60hz, aka NTSC and aprt this one of the lowest refresh rates one could attain in windows) - as long as i keep sound emulation 'OFF' or 'Silent Emulation', scrollers are perfect, every time (and to me they seem at the RIGHT speed, too)

BUT >> whenever i choose 'play sound' (with every setting) suddenly the scrollers go stuttering and the gfx is no good at all!

this with the latest snapshot - using now old one, the gfx stuttered any time with any sound option choose!

i noticed that leaving sound OFF or Silet Emulated, the screen refresh rate keeps LOCKED to 60 (NTSC hz ?!?) and when i switch play sound ON it -immediately- goes down to 50 fps (PAL syncing?)

i don't think this is a sound board related one, 'coz i'm sure that if i could run my philips monitor down to the 50,xxx PAL refresh rate, all would be nice and smooth!!!

well, what u think?

BTW: great work indeed, the winfellow team rox - please KEEP ON!
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Synchronization is kind of tricky, there are several factors that
work against each other if you want both sound and smooth gfx. :-(

First the sound issue, to get correct sound the emulator need to use the original PAL speed since PAL Amiga-sound follow this clock.
The side-effect is that fast moving graphics can tear since there is not a perfect match between the speed of Amiga frames and PC-frames.

Without sound, DirectX is able to follow the synchronization
rate of the PC-mode without interference if you use
multiple buffers on a full screen display.
The result is usually slightly too fast compared to a proper Amiga. This is with the new version, the one from May had a 50hz limitation even without sound.

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tnx 4 ur reply, peschau!
now i assume there's a big issue, here - how many out there do have a pc monitor that can sync at 50,xxx hz?!? (PAL scan, u know) i think very few, if any (maybe someone with very old monitors)

but... assuming AMIGA was sold both in Europe (PAL) and USA (NTSC) what was the trick to make sound work on 'the real thing' then??? i mean gfx on a NTSC amiga should be displayed at 60hz, isn.t it? well, and then what happened to NTSC sound&music ???
was there some kind of 'filtering' to make sounds in sync with gfx?
dunno, just wondering

btw, peschau are u from the winfellow team? u'r kinda techie 2 me!
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Petter is from the "Fellow team" even.

In other words, he's the creator of Fellow which WinFellow is also based on.
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