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How to get AG-Launch to see second games drive

I've installed ClassicWB lite with 3 HD partitions System and DH1 and DH2 as games drives

AGL sees my dh1 drive but not the games on DH2


I've followed the instructions on the above thread and altered the assign/startup but I can't find how to alter the Addgames script as mentioned in the above thread. The paths mentioned don't seem to exist

i.e. "Have you run the Addgames script ("Workbench Drawer Icon->Add Files->AddGames" or "SYS:System/BMenu/Files") after editing the following line to add what's in bold:"

FSearch >RAM: A-Games: B-Games: PAT=#?.info TXT=slave ALL

What am I missing?

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Initially AGL is designed to run from one directory/partition "A-Games:" - however since it is in guide form it is all highly configurable if you don't mind editing some scripts -

How does one do it? well you will need some assigns in your "SYS:S/assign-Startup"

I am going to assume that you have directories A-N on DH1: and M-Z on DH2: - obviously you can change this as appropriate

Change the line from
Assign >NIL: A-Games: SYS:Games
To the following line
Assign >NIL: A-Games: DH1:Games
Underneath that line add another by typing -
Assign >NIL: B-Games: DH2:Games

Now save and exit, from here we will need to modify 13 guides from the M to Z guide scripts its really easy at this point -

Open Shell/CLI and type SYS:System/AGLaunch/Guides

Now type memacs agl-m.guide

once memacs has loaded with the script - press 'ESC' and 'r' together once - this activates the "find and replace" routine - you will notice an input requester appear on the bottom left of the screen - now type A-Games, press enter and then type B-Games and press enter - and pow - the entire guide has been modified to use B-Games: which resolves to DH2:

Now save and exit and then repeat for N though to Z - should only take 5 minutes and it should work for you.

This technique allows for up to 27 different partitions and or directories for you to store your game files.

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Hmm, y'know - reading that text back it reads far more complicated than it should be - Pictorial Time!

Editing the Assign-Startup - Open Shell

Now type the following -

Here is the default set up of ClassicWorkbench Assign-Startup

Modify and Edit to the following

Save the file once done.

Now navigate to the AGL Guide directory -

And lets start editing using "memacs"

Memacs may look a little daunting but its just a big pussy cat really.

Pressing "ESC" and "r" together activates the Find & Replace funtion

Type in A-Games (note bottom left corner of screen) - Press Enter

Type in B-Games - Press Enter

133 instances changed - saves doing that by hand!

Save of the edits and this guide is ready to go - reboot and give it a test.

Now all you will have to do is edit the remaining guides n - z =)

Ensure that your cursor is at the start of the text - otherwise (like I have done in the image) you will miss a few as the Find / Replace function only works from where the cursor currently is set to - so click top left with the mouse before pressing 'ESC' and 'r' to edit

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Many thanks Zetro, I'll give this ago. I find it amazing that you can still get answers to issues on a computer that ceased to exist some 20 years ago. Is there any other computer that has this following. One wonders where the Amiga would be now if it had had sufficient backing at the time of it's downfall.
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Couldn't you just use an assign command to add another directory to the existing one? so it would then look like:

Assign A-Games: DH1:Games
Assign A-Games: DH2:Games ADD
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