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Old 21 July 2017, 20:05   #1
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Atic Atac vs Jet Pac (ZX) - Which is the better game?

Hi everyone and welcome to the July 2017 edition of Which Is Best?
Last month I placed two of the most famous racers against each other on the Amiga A500 which were Lotus 2 and Jaguar XJ220 and I can say Lotus 2 absolutely stormed it winning 57 of the votes compared to 14 votes for Jaguar XJ220.
Looking at the many comments it's not as if any of you thought the Jaguar game was rubbish, far from it, it's just for many of you Lotus played and looked better whilst in motion.

So, what do we have this time? Well I decided to place two very different games against each other but both utter classics on the ZX Spectrum and they were both by the same software house "Ultimate",...Atic Atac & Jet Pac.
Which for you is the game you would prefer to load up and play?!,...only you can decide that, happy voting!
[ Show youtube player ]

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Old 21 July 2017, 20:26   #2
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Jetpac for me - It was probably the first Spectrum game that I bought & I still have a quick go on it every now and again.

I played it for a while but Atic Atac never got me "hooked" like JetPac did.
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Old 24 July 2017, 09:50   #3
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Atic Atac for me. It was the first action RPG game I ever played. I must have played this for months to get 100% when getting out of the castle.

I like games which have puzzles. I also like games you can map and explore and feel like you're getting further and further. So Atic Atac rules. More fun than games like Jet Set Willy where it was too easy to die.

JetPac is an arcade game and Atic Atac is an action RPG game
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Old 24 July 2017, 11:40   #4
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Both are great but Atic Atac gets my vote. It felt soooo immense at the time. How things change, heh?
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Old 25 July 2017, 18:21   #5
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They are both Classics ---
But Jet Pac gets my vote.
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Old 25 July 2017, 22:08   #6
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Atic Atac. I have such fond memories of playing it with my Mum when I was 7 or 8. It was one of the first games we had with our Spectrum and I was obsessed with it. I knew the map like the back of my hand but we never worked out that the third part of the ACG key was the item that looked like a mug.

It's aged really well too - still a fun, fast and fluid as it ever was.
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Old 25 July 2017, 22:32   #7
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What a terrible choice but I'll go for Jet Pac as it was like having an arcade machine at home and moreover a combination of Defender and Joust (well that's what my 14 yea brain thought)!
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Old 28 July 2017, 20:00   #8
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Atic Atac for me too....

However, when I got my speccy I only had a B&W portable, and didn't understand what to do because all the room keys were colour coded.

When I plugged it into the colour telly.... it all made perfect sense!
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Old 29 July 2017, 03:35   #9
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They both got a special place in my heart: Jetpac has been the first spectrum game i bought - original - after the review in an italian video game magazine; Atic Atac was able to unveil me the full potential of spectrum adventure/arcade games and finished it with the serf several times! But if i have to vote Atic Atac will prevail
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Old 30 July 2017, 01:45   #10
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I'm firmly on the Jetpac team.

I absolutely detested Atic Atac
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Old 31 July 2017, 20:17   #11
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Haven't played either, but judging from the video I would have been on team Atic Atac all the way.
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Old 01 August 2017, 00:38   #12
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i have played both recently and my vote would be attic attack. Im pretty sure after 10 to 15 levels jetpac just looped back to the 1st stage again, and endless pointless shooter.

at least attic atack had an ending, a goal rather than just "get the highest score"
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Old 11 August 2017, 12:27   #13
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Just under a week to go lads before results are known, get your votes in :-)
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Old 13 August 2017, 11:27   #14
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Jetpac for me. Great arcade game in 16k.

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