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Harry 0.
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Thank you for the long reply, stating your understandable position.
If there could be, theoretically speaking, in the future some kind of rules. Maybe 20 years old would be a good cut-off point. TVPaint 3.0 is 20 years old now. Just musing.

I wonder if you can tell me, if it is not too involved, why TVPaint 3.0 (and even 2.0) is
so much faster than 3.5.9? Just curious. I still have my dongle-enabled copy of TVP 2.0.

P.S. Off the subject, but: Viva la France! Viva Andre Breton! Breton and other 1920-30's Paris surrealists are my heroes.
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Amiga Nuts!
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Hello fabrice ^^)

it's good to see you there, welcome
I still have my original TVPaint versions here from the 1989 version upto v3.5.9 Amiga Cybergraphics (last version sold by C.I.S.) and a cool TVPaintAnimation windoh! original version a friend gave me latelly.
He still make awesome anims with the new Mac version ^^) and it's still my prefered 24bits paint program ^^)
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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Hi, it seems you omitted/are missing disk 6 of the Infochannel Player set. Will you please check if you have it? If so please dump it
I can not find disk 6 for infoplayer.. Are you sure it exists? The sources I've googled only displays 5.

For example: http://www.typewritten.org/Software/
Search for scala

Edit: Tried to make a full InfoPlayer installation.. "Insert disk 6". bleh.
Edit2: I used disk6 from scala infochannel and atleast the installation went through. Seems to only be backgrounds. If you do not select backgrounds, disk 6 is probably not used.
Also tried to install InfoChannel and it did not complain on disk 6 (same disk) either.
Edit3: Seems InfoChannel installs InfoPlayer too.

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Info Player 400 has indeed 5 disks
Info Player 500 has 6 disks

Yes, sure it is backgrounds stuff that wont affect functionality. Scala always packed their programs in the first two disks, the other ones were just backgrounds, sounds, animations, etc.
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Ok, thanks. Too bad I miss that one =(

Added a textfile on the EAB FTP, explaining the situation.
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Old 26 July 2017, 23:06   #66
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Hi everybody, I looking for a Scala MM300 or SCALA MM400, somebody know where I found adf files?
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hi, you can find them on the ftp.
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