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Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
Well my endeavour to find some information has come to nothing, I did get a reply to the email I sent which for some reason went to the junk folder but it didn't help or give information on how to etc.

I think that the filling of the eprom space would be adding stuff like fat95 and compact flash device plus other utilities that are romable into the extra space so that they are ready for use whenever you start the Amiga.

I don't know how to add fat 95 etc as I am unsure what part to stick into the ROM I just read that they are romable?
Maybe spokegrat , can provide working ROM? After that we can analyze it in WinHex ro something similiar.
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Originally Posted by rygar View Post
Maybe spokegrat , can provide working ROM? After that we can analyze it in WinHex ro something similiar.
I'm not sure if that would be allowed especially on a public forum, you know there are individuals who would pounce on anything that has a sniff of licensed stuff for commodore kickstart files or whatever they can get their grubby little hands on. Those folk who still chase long dead computer copyright enforcement for money should be kicked really hard where it hurts!

Anyhow both amiga241 and spokegrat have been in touch and have both pointed out that the solution is to use a hex editor

use an hexadecimal editor program to join the files
and create 1 file bin for eproms

You need to build 4 files ($E0/$A8/$B0/$F8), and join them into one file. After that, follow this howto, it's exactly the same thing



: http://leblogdecosmos.blogspot.com/2017/01/emutos.html

You may need to copy the links to your browser as they don't seem to go there by themselves when clicked.
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there is still the PM option, if it comes to exchange the roms, so we should not mention it.
otherwise the admins may close the whole thread - wont be of any help

when it comes to "filling" the space, i thought it is about to make a copy of the rom/ rom part,
so it would fit the size of the choosen eprom.

an important point is, does it work on the emulators? I have no hardware to test it.

and do we need the 2MB_ROM and romheader modules in the 3 parts?

/me pokes Doobrey

#1) oh, missed the new blog entry by Cosmos, have to read it: http://leblogdecosmos.blogspot.com/2...-mo-a1200.html

initially he lists 3 parts - as described in remus 151 guide,
below he mentions the 4 parts. but $A8 is followed by $B0, so this makes sense.

some info from the 4MB rom thread by Cosmos:

#2) the romdisk 1MB rom: 512k +512k ext -> combined in one file:
ext with romheader: adr:00000000 - 11144EF9 00F80002
std with romheader: adr:00800000 - 11144EF9 00F800D2
maybe someone can spin the wheel, to the point of what to do with the
2nd and 3rd ext rom for the 2mb version.

tools/romtool.py:    logging.error("No ROM Header in Ext ROM image found!")
so any of the ext roms need the romheader, remus has two:
ROMHEADER_E0 (512k ext)
ROMHADER_A8 (1mb ext)

so final build order would be:
1st: $E0 - 512k ext incl romheader 11144EF9 00F80002
2nd: $A8 - 1mb ext incl romheader 11144EF9 00F80002
3rd: $F8 - 512k std incl. romheader 11144EF9 00F800D2 - add 2mb_rom patch if not cd32 exec

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