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A501 in A500+, sysinfo mystery

I'm giving a 500+ a health check after battery removal. The only trapdoor card I have is an A501, also with battery removed. I plug it in and workbench shows 1.5MB of chip RAM. Everything seems to work fine. Sysinfo however reports a single block of 1.0MB chip RAM in the memory section. Is it normal that A) A501 works as chip in 500+ and B)sysinfo doesn't detect it at all?
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AFAIK, the amiga 500 ram expansions did not work reliable on the 500+
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My A501 expansion didn't work in my rev 8a A500, which is based on an A500+ mobo.
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On a true a500+, every trapdoor expansion is recognized as chip-ram. (I know because I have one). I have a 1 MB ram-expansion, so I have 2 MB chip-ram total.
I never used an a501 in my a500+, so I can't say much about the reliability or about sysinfo. I could check it out for you, but right now my room is filled with computers everywhere, so I'd have to make some room to set up the a500+, which could take some time.

just checked my docs. On some a500 rev8a boards the a501 doesn't work. This has to do with a jumper setting of JP3. Also on these rev 8a boards the trap door expansions aren't recognized as chipram. To get it to be recognized as chipram, you must change jp2 and jp7a. (source: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=...re/iBR8cS8FAcQ (post #9. Unfortunately in german). Edit: There's also only 512 MB RAM on the mobo, and the RTC-chip and battery is missing. (I also have an a500 rev 8a).

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Thanks for the info. This A500+ is a rev8a. At JP3, the 2 pairs of pads are connected horizontally. Workbench, avail and memutil all report 1.5MB CHIP and it works so unless I find some other problem, I guess I'll put this down to sysinfo error with unusual 1.5MB CHIP configuration. It is sysinfo v4.0 btw.

I'll try to get hold of a proper 500+ trapdoor card too.
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i have more main 8a and a500 plus, tomorrow verify with sysinfo this question
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