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le geek
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Most disappointing games!

What were some of the most disappointing games you played?

Some of mine would be:
Outrun - pretty shoddy version
Turbo Outrun - better, but a big disappointment compared to the excellent C64 version (especially music)
Space Quest IV - still fun, but horrible conversion of 256 to 32 color backgrounds...

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Thumbs down Primal Rage

After the hype that magazines like CU Amiga had made about the Amiga conversion of Primal Rage and then the 12-18 month wait after that for the release, the end-product was extremely disappointing (especially for an AGA game released in 1995).

Rumours were abound that Time Warner delayed the release because of the uncertainty of the Amiga market at the time. Pity they didn't make use of the delay to improve the game instead. God knows it was the mediocrity of the conversion that made sales suffer, rather than uncertainty in the Amiga market or piracy.

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Darkseed for me: it's just the first that comes in mind, as i've played it yesterday... slow, inconsistent gameplay. miserable palette, no need of hi-res for sure... poor story and a shit of end. some touch is cool tough, the barber shop that in the other world is a guards recruitment facility and the drawing of the librarian girl (strange and intriguing), but definitely not worthing.

The text adventure Anchorhead, based on Lovecraft' stuff is enormously more entertaining and a lot more fearsome...
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I really weren't impressed by the PC version of Space quest IV either. Maybe mine has a bug in it or whatever, I don't know. All I know that even following a walkthrough I couldn't even get out of the first time series, and the graphics weren't that great for a 256 colour game either.

James pond 3 was actually quite a disappointment for me. Seeing as how good flow James pond 2 had and how imaginative worlds there were JP3 was sluggish in comparison, too many features to learn that slowed down the sit down and play learning process.
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*Rise of the Robots (i really got sold by the media hype)
*Kid Chaos(I preferred Mr. Nutz a lot more)

and others.
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Too many to list here but some of them include:

-Rise of the robots
-Eat the whistle (waste of money considering that AF gave it something like 80%)
-Burning Rubber (AGA my ass)
....and many others!
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Truth seeker...
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Thumbs down CF2

The biggest let down for me was probably Cannon Fodder 2.

I absolutely loved the first game and managed to finish all 24 missions so I was really looking forward to the sequal. I think I completed that as well but it just had something missing. Oh yeah... the sheep. Oh and the farmers shouting "Get orf moy laaaand."
I think some of the levels were ridiculously hard and really frustrating to play. I didn't like the alien levels at all. More jungle and arctic missions would have been better.
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Old 31 October 2003, 14:24   #8
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Chaos Engine 2

Chaos Engine is an absoulte classic, when I first read about the follow up I was thrilled!! But as most of you know they delayed it alot, and when it first got released it was terrible .... Whats about that spilt screen stuff ??? Actually I want to play it through, but its so frustrating, since CHaos Engine is so good !!!

Anyone managed to play through it?
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Old 31 October 2003, 14:39   #9
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I managed to complete 4 levels of it.

AS long as you're not expecting Chaos engine it's not a half bad game. 100% competitive gameplay where you fight for points in the rounds. It'd be so much better if you had a human opponent than the CPU I fought.
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Old 04 November 2003, 22:49   #10
Fred the Fop
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I've spoken to Steve about this, he is lying.
He mentions a macho game like Cannon Fodder.
His real disappointment was "Barbie's Dream Vacation 2: Trip To the Abortion Clinic".
Don't lie again, Steve.

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Old 05 November 2003, 01:33   #11
Truth seeker...
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Originally posted by Frederic
Don't lie again, Steve
Shit, I've been rumbled!
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fisken uno
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Ok, I won't mention any certain game as I can't come to think of any specific right now but quite often I've gotten disappointed when games are too easy/hard. Both ways are so frustrating. I think it's obvious that the first levels of a game should be easy enough for anyone to finish and the last levels should be hard enough for the die-hard players to find some competition from but too often these expectations are not met. Damn it, it pisses me off when developers put loads of work on making a game look good when they don't seem to care at all about the playability...
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Primal Rage wasn't a bad conversion
The game was crap since the beggining

I have played a few versions of the game, and they all suck.
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Rise of the Robots
Capital Punishment
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Zone Friend
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I still definitely have to rate Amiga Creatures one of the all-time cack,crap,stinker conversions of the classic C64 game-after months of Dev. diaries in Zzap 64/Amiga,& seeing the Rowlands months of work come to life in it's released product,(with things polished to perfection), the Amiga port came across as an extremely lazy job in comparison. I often wondered if it'd been handled in-house that the Rowlands wouldn't have done a better game.

Sensible Software,& Graftgold showed the way with what could be done with rewrites/updated of their old gaming classics.

And always regard Amiga Ghouls'n'Ghosts another typical crappy ST port typical of the U.S. Gold conversions of the era-apart from the excellent Follin music, this was a shambles compared to the 16bit console versions,much less the classic arcade game!
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Old 07 November 2003, 23:12   #16
2 contact me: email only!

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Thumbs down Amiga arcade conversions were crap!

I can think of a lot of games which are far worse than those listed here! Think back to the Xmas 1988 and 1989 arcade conversions and almost all of them were dire!

Afterburner (UK version) - A travesty!
Chase HQ - Awful conversion!
Fighting Soccer - No comment needed!
Outrun - Shockingly bad conversion!
Renegade - Yuck!
Street Fighter - 2 frames of animation per move!
Human Killing Machine - Same as Street Fighter, total crap!

There was nothing worse than seeing a great arcade machine, thinking it'd be great to play on your computer and seeing some team butcher the conversion and feeling disappointed.
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I believe Bonanza bros was based on an arcade game wasn't it? And that didn't turn out well.

The Bubble bobble conversion for the Amiga though was a disappointment to the C64 and Arcade versions.
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Old 08 November 2003, 01:00   #18
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Two that stick in my mind are

Sword Of Sodan looks great till it moves.
Renegade How can an Amiga game be so much worse than a Speccy version

Also some of the last commercial Amiga games come across as substandard PD affairs.
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Old 08 November 2003, 17:08   #19
Zone Friend
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Maybe we should add anything coded by tiertex or Creative Materials for U.S. Gold coin-op conversions!

@Codetapper. With something like Afterburner, do you believe that it would've been feasible, apart from the 3D bits in Unreal, I can't really think of too many 3D sprite flying games on the Amiga (as opposed to driving games).
Imagine the fluid car motion/speed of Lotus combined into Chase HQ.
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2 contact me: email only!

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The fact that Afterburner USA looks so close to the original suggests that it could be done! The game is not exactly complex, but it was the arcades speed of throwing the graphics towards you at such speed that made it seem very difficult to convert.

I think if you have a decent programmer you can do almost anything - imagine Sensible Software or Team 17 doing a game like that! I am sure it would have been great!
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