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Old 14 February 2019, 22:56   #2281
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Just the windows virus checker built in to W10
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I suppose it craps on that old stuff on the Iso, 52 files in the Bin drawer and total 3712 unpacked; F-Secure finds nothing. If you can nominate something suspect it could be still sent to https://www.virustotal.com/ to be scanned by 60+ scanning engines.

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I often get warnings from anti-virus programs on Windows when copying Amiga files. I have no idea why a Windows program would flag an Amiga program that can't run under Windows. I just hit ignore and it works fine.

It seems like badly written rules are doing it. The first few times I submitted them to the support for the program and they updated so they weren't recognized as a virus anymore. After the first few I stopped bothering and just ignore them.

The specific programs I use are Eset and Malwarebytes. Make sure that you turn off the setting to automatically quarantine suspected files. Malwarebytes has this set by default and moves them even when you ignore. I consider that a bug but they won't change the quarantine behavior.
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It's all just bytes, innit? A Windows AV program won't be aware of what the executable format for an Amiga file is, nor what 68k code looks like - it just looks for patterns of x86 code that are known to be associated with the things that PC viruses do. And because all files are simply lists of numbers, those certain sequences that are flagged on a PC may be entirely innocuous on an Amiga - but there's no real reason for the AV to know that, and nor should there be.
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That's quite true. It looks for patterns recognized as a viral infections and flag em as such.

Seeing that the Amiga files are nowhere near Windows executables I would say that it's safe to ignores the flags.
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Leandro Jardim
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Nevermind, sorry...

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I have uploded some files in ~Upload zone under my name Falcon57

Games - Public Domain
Psycho Squares Deluxe v1.0 (1994)(Dark Unicorn)(SW)[h Floppy International][AMOS]
Pyramid Game, The (1994)(Pacific)(SW)[h Floppy International][AMOS]

Applications - Public Domain
VideoMaxe v04.20 (1993)(Sürken, Stephan)(SW)[h Floppy International]
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