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when im trying to install gamebase it asks for 1.1, and although i'm pretty sure i've downloaded all the files needed, i can't figure out which it is.
also, the directory for 1.6 seems out of whack when comparing it to the directory shown on your wiki page.
i've been looking through threads here also trying to figure it out, but alas i cannot.

cheers, and sorry about my un-savvy ways
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Have you downloaded WinUAE and the actual GameBase program?
They don't have to be 1.1, just as long as they are no earlier than 1.1.
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To make sure there's no confusion, it should be mentioned again that there's a difference between the GameBase (GB) program and the GameBase Amiga (GBA) database. You want GameBase v1.2 (available from various places, including the GBA download archive), WinUAE 1.1 or newer (the installer will only recognize official releases up to 1.5, but it's safe to proceed even if your version isn't recognized, so long as it's newer than 1.1) and GameBase Amiga v1.6.

The directory structure posted in the wiki is for where you keep your game files, screenshots and extras, not GameBase Amiga itself. Don't worry about the structure inside the GameBase Amiga dir, that's definitely right when freshly installed.

@some mod: Could you please move this to project.MAGE? Thanks.

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i hadn't realised there was a difference

sorry about not originally posting this in the right section (was quite unsure about that)

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