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GameBase not detecting WinUAE (or any emulators at all)

Hello everybody.
Very nice forum! This is my first post here and sorry that I`m asking questions right off the bat.... I`m new here so I`m not sure if this is the right place to post for GameBase problems, but hopefully somebody out there will be able to give me some tips on how to fix this problem that I keep running into.

So, to start out, I downloaded GameBase v1.2, GameBase Amiga v1.6, and WinUAE v1.5.3 and installed them all. I didn`t use the default directories however though, because my C drive is running low on space. So right now I have the directories set up as the following:
GameBase: H:\GameBase\
GameBase Amiga: H:\GameBase\GameBase Amiga\
WinUAE: H:\GameBase\Emulators\WinUAE\

Now when I run GameBase, it starts up, but it won`t detect any emulators. I try to start the Emulator Setup Wizard, but I keep getting the error message "No valid emulator definitions could be found in the DAT file!" I tried moving WinUAE so it`s in the exact same directory as GameBase, but that doesn`t help. I`ve also downloaded different updated versions of the gemus.dat file, but no luck. Could the fact that I didn`t install each program to their default directories be the cause of this problem?

I ran into the exact same problem when trying to configure GameBase 64: the Emulator Setup Wizard just won`t start. I can manually add an emulator, but I don`t know all the correct command promt settings, so I can`t get it to actually work.

So I was wondering if anybody else has ever encoutered this problem, and if so, how I could go about fixing it. I searched the forums and couldn`t find any similar threads, but if the solution has already been posted somewhere here, then please link me to that thread.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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I think this as been mentioned before - Gemus.dat contains the crc32 of the actual emulator binaries. BUT as long as your using at least v1.1 of winuae, you can configure it manually.

From gamebase, click the "gemus" menu, you should have a list like "winuae v1.4.6 joystick", "keybaord a\" ...

Click each of the enteries in turn, this will open a "emulator properties" window. The top right will have a "Emulator path\filename" - just click the browse and then select your winuae.exe.

I thought that the wiki game instructions - link from here :-


but that page seems to be down - eLowar??

Theres alos some help docs in the "Gamebase Amiga" subfolder :- on mine

D:\GameBase\GameBase Amiga\help.html

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