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OK. Getting started on working on the ReAmiga 3000. I will not show any more progressphotos etc until Amiga34..

but asking the community for input what to do..

now I am moving all passives (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes etc) to SMD versions.

BUT as my original idea is to move components from DEAD boards, not building new. should I do the 74F... logic etc as SMD or keep it TH?
SMD would mean you cannot reuse. so adds costs..

and Agnus. 8475 compability would be nice. but again, as I want to be able to move components. how to solve this. it is 22 (!) pins that differs between them..

anyway. input please!

AND Current status:

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I would have thought having new components wherever possible, and where there was a need for custom chips, these to be taken from donor / dead boards. Thus it leaves less room for end user error and more chance of success with standardised template boards.
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Can you buy new replacements? Why not go for that if it is an improvement? (Space, or heat, or whatever.)
Stuff that needs to come from dead or NOS: Can it be socketed?

But who am I to command... I am drooling over an AA3000+ version instead. (Wait you say? Yeah well, I have been waiting 5+ years for an FPGA Arcade so that is nothing new to me.)
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SMD logic cannot be socketed.. while the old DIL can.

AA3000+ well. Hese is on that one :-)

well. will see about SMD logic. it is kinda about time I guess
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I would go for SMD parts wherever possible. Desoldering DIL components from the old board would be a pain even with a desoldering gun. Much less headache to solder new SMD parts instead. True that SMDs can't be socketed but replacing SMDs is a breeze with a hot air gun.
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I miss my A1200

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I'd also assume anyone who is going to go through the process of building something quite this high end would be happy to work with SMD stuff.
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Not in the market for a reamiga 3000 (as I don’t have one and they are expensive) but I am in the market for a reamiga 2000 and my wishlist for either would be pretty similar:

* Eliminate as many out of production parts as possible
* Lower cost as much as is practical
* Simplify
* Sockets for what can be
* Put plenty of memory in
* Add quality of life changes (modern video out, usb, some mass storage interface, etc when possible)
* Leave plenty of (physical) space around anything that can be expanded
* More ROM (including diagnosis stuff)
* (for the A2000 I’d remove unneeded parts such as ISA etc)

Probably a bit ambitious in parts, but it’s not a list of requirements It’s a list for “Jultomten”
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