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want to support new/modern amiga emag ?

Hi 2 all. For first, sorry for my bad english, but i hope here is will be noone who will annoing with it and really can't understand what i mean. (also i want to said, that of course, all articles in diskmag are/will spelcheked for 'correct' english).

So. We works on new hi-rez amiga diskmag. And sadly to said, but first issue of diskmag will not have AGA support. Here is tons of 'think' why we do not support AGA at this time. I will not talk about it right now, but want to said that i am understand, that big part of users can't enjoy it in fact of not supported AGA chipset. Solution for this users - is winuae only with warp3d wrapper. So, all users who do not understand how it possible 'not use AGA on amiga' can stop reading here smile.gif

For all who still in interest, i can said about reqs. Reqs is pretty low, 040 with 33 mhz will enought, but one think can annoing someone: warp3d gfx card. So, it mean users with voodoo cards, b/cvision, users on a1 with voodoo/radeons, user on pegasos with voodoo and radeons, and winuae users (!) with QurkTex (warp3d wrapper) - only this users can enjoy the magazine.

E-magazine itself in 640x480x32bit mode. it mean hi-color graphics art, fast scrolling of articles, nice fading effects, and so on. Personally, i am in interest to made a AGA support, but with HAM8 640x512 screens, but .. not for first number, and not without any helps with AGA coding.

One of interesting features of the mag - ahi mixing. i do not remember any amiga diskmag, which can plays modules and at the same time do 'clicks' of menu and so on. of course it's not only one feature, but i think it's interesting.

Well, diskmag was planned to release right after breakpoint party, but as always it take a bit more time. And it's THE TIME for support somethink on almost dead amiga scene. All who have nostalgy thinks, who annoing about 'low quality' amiga stuff can support us. Do it right now , or die ! smile.gif

So. How you can support us ? all stuff are welcome. gfx,music,articles,ideas,design, just all will be good. At this moment we already have engine, all music and gfx for first number, but any new pretty ACTIVE member will be help us of course.

Right now, we try found some sceneres who can do good ascii, and anyone who in interest to write article (or two ) by amiga-scene/amiga-coding releated concept

In any case, if someone in interest about ANY HELP. just write to me at kas1e@yandex.ru , and with your help we can release it ASAP.

If you can draw good gfx - write to us. If you can do only 'photoshop' like work - write to us anyway. If you can't do anythink - write to us anyway, and we can said what you can do to help us.

So, for first post i think it enought, an .. thanks for time smile.gif and sorry for bad english. And if someone have any questions and do not want by some reassons write a email, so, write it here
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Very cool! But the warp3d is the thing that can make users not being able to see it

Maybe i can do some ascii work? Tell me what logos or whatever you need and I can make some stuff for you PM me ..
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Old 13 May 2006, 20:32   #3
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pm was send anyone else in interest ?
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