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Unhappy Display refresh rate problem

I copied my installation from a WinNT (V 0.8.8R5) to a Win2K machine. Updated my installation to V0.8.22R5. In the process I deleted all my configurations from the old version as not to corrupt the new install. All of my Amiga files and settings (Startup-sequence, libs, devs....) are the same.

The problem:
I can only get a 60Hz refresh rate. All attempts to change it fail. My monitor reports 60Hz. I see 60Hz (flicker). BUT Screenmode in the prefs: directory reports 75Hz (which matches my settings in WinUAE display configuration) ????
Whats up/wrong? Any ideas?

The new machine is a P4 2.26G with 512M ram. The whole thing takes about 5Seconds to boot (windows) and my startup-sequence, WBStartup and all take 0 seconds. Wheeee.

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maybe this can help.
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Will try, but my display settings (advanced) in W2K state that it is an Intel video deivce. I do have Nvidia controls in the control panel, so who knows.

Astucaly 50Hz doesn't work either. All modes 60Hz
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The Nvidia fix program did not run on my machine. I am a little more certain that I have an Intel video chip.

I can control the resolution fine. But no matter the refresh settings I always get 60Hz. I'm not sure where/how P96 comes into this, but all settings (amiga side) are for uaegfx.

I have scanned the registery for refresh rates and changed all 60Hz to 75Hz with no succes.

Amiga chipset displays revert to 75Hz so that seems to be set correctly!

Hope this narrows down the search :~

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Big grin Solution (A.K.A Patch)

I have found something that works. Between searching this board. Searching Google and trying at least 5 different approaches.

MultiRes (Free)
from http://www.entechtaiwan.com

did the trick (I had to turn of XP style and turn on lock refresh rates)

Much simpler than PowerStrip!

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