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Well, I tried yesterday, but no luck. With the switch in normal internal=DF0: position, everything seemed fine, but in swapped state, things went weird:
- Amiga tried to boot from external DF0:
- During disk access to external drive, the internal drive made the same rhythmic sound as well (motor on or head movement, don't know)
- After a few seconds, everything went quiet and the insert disk screen reappeared.

So somehow in swapped mode, the amiga addressed the internal drive. I got a little scared and unsoldered the thing again. Looks like nothing broke and it works as before. I will probably have another look and check my circuit again tomorrow.

Btw: I did verify that my boot selector does actually switch sel 1 and sel 0, instead of only crossing the line for the external drive leaving the signal for the internal drive unconnected.
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What you have is correct according to the diagram. Did you test the switch is doing what you think it's doing? (and not shorting pins you don't intend?)
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I haven't been able to fix it. I checked my creation again (I made a little four legged spider with the diodes and resistor coming together so as to not have to connect 3 leads to 1 pin on the board directly). For ground I just took a connection somewhere in the neighbourhood that seemed big and had no resistance measured between it and the shield, that should be correct, right?

Anyway, I took your advice of booting with the switch disabled and then flipping the switch, and that works perfectly. So I guess the drive identification is done only during booting?
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