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Help with AMOS Pro

Okay got this program and the manual and thought I'd try something simple like program a wee tune.

However whilst setting the voice and volume and pitch is no problem, I can't seem to find how to set the duration of the note. can set the duration of the delay until the next note, but can't seem to make the note last longer than a simple beep. Does anyone know how to make the note last longer?
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never played with amos, but I had a look at the manual. an example in chapter Music 8.01.02 ( AmosPro.pdf on classicamiga )
For F=1 To 96
Bell F : Wait F/10+1 : Rem Vary delay
Next F
I hope this will help a littlebit.
anyone else with better solution? *bump*
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Yes I saw that in the manual but that only deals with the pitch not the length of the note. All the program would do is go through the notes from high to low or vice versa it wont change the length of the note in terms of duration as you can in AmigaBasic.
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MIght be able to find some help at AMOS Factory.
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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
MIght be able to find some help at AMOS Factory.

Just registered with them so will see if they can help. Thanks for the link
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Well I've had a reply but sadly all the reply has shown is that something as simple as duration of a note is impossible in AMOS which is decidedly odd. So any conversions of Spectrum tunes that I want to do will be done in AmigaBASIC.

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