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Eek Amiga 600 Furia - DAT Memory performance and some tips for Furia users

Hi Folks. I wanted to talk a little bit about that Amiga Furia V2 (white board) but the Furia in general

I have that Card for a while now and i must say, the beginning was a little ruff.

First, you have to have the right CF Card and it takes a while to get everything right, especially some WHDload installs. (some tips later)

The Furia is essential , especially for that price. The performance is outstanding If you want to have a classic Amiga there is few that comes close on the A600 and a must for Whdload

I had a few Turbocards in my life but i have never seen a 020 card this powerful and the most impressive is the MEMORY performance !!!


Look at that Benchmark !! THATS INSANE !!! How did Boris Krizma do that

Anyway, that and the ShadowRom Feature are the reason my A600 performs like a dream.

The combination of the Furia, PFS3 Filesystem and Peters K´s Icon.Library is 16 Bit Amiga Heaven imho.

The Boot time is maybe 2 seconds !!!!!! HOLY moly !!!! Workbench ready

It even plays untypical Amiga games like Gloom, NemacIV and Trapped pretty well,
or vector games like Formula one Grand Prix with 25 FPS, no problemo. (if you have the F1-GP-ED that unlocks the framerate)

Anyway, THAT MEMORY PERFORMANCE is incredible and the reason why the furia is a little crazy so, it needs a firm hand to tame that beast

Here a few tips. (suggestions)

1) Use a Sandisk CF Card and PFS3 !! (others may work too but Sandisk is pretty save bet OR use an good and well working SD adapter if you want to go that way.

Use the PFS3 Doctor from time to time. Just do make sure everyting is fine. When you had alot of crashes because yore WHDLOAD/Furia setup did go apeshit, check if everything is ok with the PFS Doctor. You have to download the PFS3 Doctor seperatly ! Not included in the PFS3-AIO Package)

2) Use Peter K´s Icon Library. (you find it on aminet)

Icons and drawers load crazy fast

3) WHDLOAD hints. Try the game with standard tooltypes at first.

If the game wont perform well and maybe have stutters or slowdown´s use CACHE - (can lead to glitches if the slave dosent support it , but some games/demos need this option !! )

If the game still wont work and have glitches, try NOCACHE !!.

(Those have the most influence! I had only one demo that needs NOVBRmove and one game that needs NoResINT)

If you want to try a new version of a WHDLoad slave, be carefull, sometimes little changes and minor feature updates can have devastating effects with the furia.

If a game wont run with NOCACHE or CACHE try an older slave / go back in versions until you find one that works. (Wepl has also a OLDER/BETA slave section on his homepage, just in case)

Keep always JST from JOTD ready if everything fails. !!!
JST loads also WHDLOAD.slaves ( for people that did not know that already)
and in my experience there are a few games/demos that run better with the JST loader.

So use JST with some of those stubborn whdload games ; saved my ass a few times !!!

JST is a must have software, just like WHDLoad itself ! (especially for Furia owners, believe me, JST will come handy with a few WHDload slaves - maybe i do a list soneday but that seems to be a little far out and maybe, just maybe you should experience it for yourself; to make a Game or Demo runs at its best

Keep in mind, if Whdload kicks in very stange things can happen, especially if you use the SHADOWROM / MapRom Function of the Furia.

(and why would´t you use that option, it gives the System a nice extra boost !!!)

So, if the System Crashes or makes and endless Powercyle ;DONT PANIC, you will find a Combo that work sooner or later .

4) I recommend to use Systempatcher 3.3b

Use it in the User-Startup with: Systempatch ND Quiet

I have really good experience with Systempatcher 3.3b. It just makes everything even more smoother and really stable. If you want to know why and what Systempatch 3.3b does, i recommend to read the Guide that is included.

5) If you use MCP (it has some neat features for sure) DONT overdo it !
Only activate some basic stuff. Like NoDriveClick, BLACK Border Hotkeys and stuff like that.

6) Have patience or download my preinstalled and ready to go FURIA SETUP you WILL LOVE and will be amazed !!!
( ok, ok -- that would be an really easy and confinient way for Furia users, but 3.9 is still for sale and i cant do that, i think

7) When you have invested blood , sweat and sometime maybe tears and everything works like a dream you know you tamed the Furia

Enjoy it, its awesome

Greetings, Nibbler

PS:I hope this was slightly useful for somebody
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